I know you'll be awesome, August.

"It's an in-between house where the change takes place. It's a big step since you can never return to caterpillar life. During the change, it will seem to you or to anyone who might peek that nothing is happening-- but the butterfly is already becoming." - Hope for the Flowers

It's not unusual that we personify animals but from time to time, it really is worthwhile to pause, observe and learn things from them. Ants teach you perseverance; Turtles teach you to take things slowly; Eagles teach you to love the "storms" in your life and use them as your advantages; Dogs teach you loyalty; Caterpillars teach you to be brave and take risks, and last but not the least, Cockroaches teach you to kill... your fears. :))))) Pero basahin niyo talaga 'yung Hope for The Flowers. It's a good book and every time you read it, there would always be something new to discover/realize.

Anyway, I've read an online article which I can no longer search (Nakalimutan ko 'yung website at title nung article) but its content was something like, opportunity is not universal and each that comes our way entails a certain level of responsibility. I always remind myself to be grateful for everything and I'm glad the universe never fails to remind me too. In this case, it (sige na nga, the author of the article) reminded me that I have opportunities that were given to me the moment I was born and I'm very lucky to have the things I have when there are some who can't even dream of having them. The article was just in time 'cause last month was my anniversary as a World Vision sponsor but I was also trying to reduce my expenses, kunyari pumasok na lang sa buhay ko ang prioritizing ganyan kaya pinag-isipan ko ng kaunti kung itutuloy ko pa ba o hindi. This is embarrassing but I forgot the pin code of my old Eastwest Bank ATM (Nasa Singapore kami nung nalaman kong hindi ko pala alam 'yung pin. As in OMG Pano kita nagawang kalimutan ang drama ko. HAHAHA.), I immediately had my card replaced thus my card number was also changed. I had the chance to stop being a sponsor to my child because they won't be able to deduct my monthly contribution anymore but I chose to e-mail them and update my card number. I continued because I want to continue creating an opportunity for someone who's willing to learn yet don't have the means. I am not rich (anymore/yet/insert the most appropriate word here) but I'm blessed and greatly flavored (favored pala. Hahaha. Claim natin 'yan plssss.) so in my small sacrifices, I know that I'd be able to make ends meet and I know that I'd be able to set aside the money that I'll spend to bless others as well.

I don't know yet what August has in store for me but cheers for my another year of existence. Thank you, world at hindi ka nagsasawa na buhayin at turuan ang isang kagaya ko. Hehe. <3

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