Tokyo Cafe's Authentic Japanese Dishes (Mall of Asia)

After a long and exhausting day, all we wanted was to eat rice. We chose Japanese as our cuisine of the day and then searched for Japanese restaurants in MOA. Our first and second choices were eat-all-you-can restaurants, one was located By the Bay and the other along North Veranda. Obviously, these two restaurants weren't that appealing that day (wala siguro sa mood mag-buffet) so we went to our third choice, Yabu. Although we wanted to eat there because of the unlimited rice, the queue was just too long that it felt like we had to wait forever. 

Then my friend remembered that there's a Tokyo Cafe branch in MOA. We were not convinced to try eating there at first simply because they have a branch in SM North. Haha. Seryoso, hanggang sa Tokyo Cafe ba e mas masarap pag malayo? Anyway, I think what made us decide to try dining there was their dessert choices that we didn't even got to try. -_- 

I saw a matcha cheesecake and matcha parfait but I was too full to order. 
I forgot the name of my Bento order and its price.
All bentos are served with rice, miso soup, salad, chilled tofu and cucumber.
Even if they don't offer unlimited rice and unlimited shredded cabbage, I found this meal so satisfying that I need not to request for more rice. The tonkatsu and tempura servings were huge that this meal can even be shared by two persons.
With reasonably-priced meals, big servings, and wide choices of main dishes, pasta, desserts and drinks, I know that this isn't the last meal that I am having there.

I am looking forward to try their matcha and sakura offerings. 

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