Mt. Pulag Climb: Descent from the Summit to the Camping Grounds

"Let yourself move to the next chapter in life when the time comes. Don't remain stuck on the same page." 

This is a quote that seems relevant to this post and for other things na niri-ritwalan ko ngayon. Shems. Shems. Shems. :)))) Lahat na lang ba, gusto ko?! Sana hindi pa napapagod ang universe. Hahaha!

After staying for almost an hour at the summit, we descended. Alam mo 'yun, no matter how hard it was for you to reach the summit and no matter how much you dreamt about it, you can't stay there for the rest of your life eh. 'Yun 'yung constant sa'tin, movement... :)
Sobrang daming clouds. Grabe. Lakas talaga maka-dream come true. 
Take your breath awaaaaaaaay.

The only sad part about it being an item in a lot of people's bucket lists is that it would be difficult to maintain the mountain as it is. New trails are created and it is something which is not supposed to happen. It was even mentioned in the DENR orientation that trekkers should walk in single file just so they won't create new trails but as we were descending, we saw a lot of trails. :( Pwedeng nagmamadali kaya nakakapag-overtake 'yung iba, pwedeng kasi madulas 'yung existing. Tsktsk

Lahat kasi ng lugar may carrying capacity and even though may effort naman sila para ma-regulate ang climbers, 'yung mountains hindi agad siya nakakarecover, nasisira 'yung dwarf bamboos saka marami pang trail na nagagawa instead na dapat isa lang. I'm not perfect. Humawak din ako sa damo nung descent kasi natatakot ako masubsub so... kung bawat araw may mga kagaya ko, edi makakalbo na 'yung grass kakahila, diba? 

Leave none to minimal impact when mountain climbing. 'Yan dapat talaga 'yung practice eh. 
Mossy forest, grassland and the rolling hills of Mt. Pulag.

It was during the descent that I was able to look around. Dun ko lang na-realize na ang scary pala nung ibang parts ng trails kasi maliit lang 'yung daanan tas bangin pa. HAHAHAHA. Ge. Ginusto ko 'to eh. 
The rolling hills of Mt. Pulag National Park, the "endless" and "heavenly" sea of clouds, everything - everything was a sight to behold.

The moon didn't leave us. <3
Then we reached the part of the trail where it's just mist everywhere. Fog siguro din 'yan. IDK. 
Malabong sun.

Even the sun wants a silhouette shot. 

And there was also a part of the trail where there are a lot of spider webs in the dwarf bamboos. 

The grassland summit was just 1.5 km from this marker? Woah! That has to be my longest 1.5 km ever. Parang 15 km eh! 

Still foggy but we're already near the Camping Grounds.

Sa mga lugar na ganito ka dapat magtatanong at magi-isip ng sagot, "Ano nga ba ang buhay?" HAHAHA. Lakas maka-emo. Di maka-picture kasi baka madulas, di rin makapagkwentuhan kasi isang tao lang kasya sa daan. Haaaaaaaaay. <3 Loved the foggy/moist surroundings pa rin. 

Also my first time to see a white rainbow/ fog bow. 

Noah's Ark ang peg? I'd take it as a sign po, God. :) This fog bow shall symbolize HOPE and the GREAT THINGS THAT ARE TO COME. *fingers crossed*
Just so you'd have an idea how cold it was... parang nilagay sa ref 'yung tubig pagbalik namin sa tent.

We ate the most delicious instant noodles and sky flakes for breakfast.
Morning Dew

Mount Pulag is the summit in the left and the rest that are almost the same height are summit 2, 3, and 4 if I'm not mistaken. <3
Panoramic Shot

Clouds, Mossy Forest, Grassland :)

Konting NatSci: The "great divide" of the mossy forest and the grassland is called the tree line. It is defined as the edge of the habitat where trees can no longer tolerate the environmental conditions.

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