Mt. Pulag Climb: Preparation, Baguio, Breakfast, DENR


The mountains are calling. I must go. 

None of all the times I have packed and unpacked has prepared me to the pack of my life that is Mt. Pulag climb. Hirap na hirap akong mag-empake na 5:30 namin usapan magkita, 4:50 na nag-iimpake pa rin ako. 'Yung totoo talaga, pwede naman sana nag-impake ako the night before, noh?? hehe. 

Ano ang mga dapat mong dalhin? Depende kasi pero ang ilan sa mga dinala ko...

*1 down/bubble jacket, 1 black hoodie, my BB jacket, 1 long sleeves, 3 shirts, 1 sarong, 1 jogging pants, 1 leggings, 1 rain coat, 2 pair of socks, 2 bonnets, 2 pair of gloves etc. 

*3L of water was more than enough. There are two water sources in Mt. Pulag so if you're not sensitive, 1.5L is enough and you can just refill your bottle from the water source. 

*Don't forget to bring wet wipes because it is more important and useful than soap while in the mountain.

*Head light for your night trek. It is a lot better to trek to the summit handsfree.

*Hindi uso ang change outfit sa Mt. Pulag. Ang mas uso dun? Patong outfit. hehehehe.

*Bring your lakas ng loob. Manghingi din ng lakas ng loob at lakas ng katawan sa ibang tao kung maaari kapag kinulang ka.

Dapat pa ba magdala ng sleeping bag sa Mt. Pulag? Yes. So you will be able to sleep better. Freezing nights eh. Pero may dala ba kami? Wala. Matibay. HAHAHAHA. My friend gave me that (fleece) blanket and it was my savior. (Mishu, bebe. Gamit ko 'yung kumot na binigay mo. Hahahaha! Kumo-commercial.) I made it through the night with just that, sarong, 4 layers of clothing, 2 layers of socks, gloves, bonnet and prayers. :))
While we were waiting for the bus, my friend gave me these candies and told me to eat one if I'd feel like giving up during the ascend.

Because the candies said so, we knew we could do it!
Tarlac Stop-Over

I was reminded of our stop-over in Singapore when I went down the bus. Grabe.  I always appreciate bus rides and stop-overs at night. It's a pleasant feeling for me whenever I sleep on a bus on a way to someplace. Weird. Hahaha
We reached Baguio.
Sabi ko na, Baguio eh. Pakiramdam ko talaga babalik ako at babalik ako ulit next year. :)

Baguio City Itinerary link: here
We arrived at around 3:30 AM and the temperature that time was 12 degrees. Good thing there was a strawberry taho vendor and it was through his taho we somehow felt warm.
Kumpleto ba ang Baguio trip mo pag hindi mo na-experience maglakad sa Session Road? Hindi.
This monster jeep took us to Kabayan, Benguet. It's not called monster jeep for nothing. Hari ng kalsada talaga.
Ambuklao Dam before sunrise
I don't know where we ate breakfast but the place seemed famous to climbers. Almost all people there were also about to hike.

The rice they have is the same variant I had in Cafe by the Ruins.

I searched online and one thing I found out about this Mountain Sticky Violet rice is that it is rare and is highly prized sticky rice grown in the region of Northern Luzon. Kaya pala dun ko lang nalaman na may ganyang klase ng kanin. 
The view from the eatery.

It's like the mountains casted a spell on me. <3 Sobrang ganda.
After having breakfast, we went to DENR office to register and to be oriented.
We were shown a 20-minutes video presentation about Pulag and about the things we should do and not do while hiking.

I've also learned that there are three trails to the summit: 1. Ambangeg, our trail which is also the easiest. 2. Akiki 3. Trail passing through the lakes in the park.

Shemsssss! Ito na talaga 'yun. 

Wala ng atrasan!!!! :))))))

P.S. If for you'd feel like you have not brought enough, there are stores selling bonnets, jackets, etc. outside DENR. 

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