Revisiting Monasterio de Sta. Clara, Aurora Boulevard

Decided to post this to update the daily mass schedule in Monasterio de Sta. Clara and because I am hoping for an exceptionally good weather for the next three days. Exceptional talaga. hahaha. Aside from the petitions from board exam takers, Monasterio de Sta. Clara is a well-known place where people offer eggs to pray for a good weather. Kaya ayan. Pls. Nice weather this weekend sana. 

The link of my first post: here.

And below is just a photo essay. :))

This is actually a weird wishing fountain because you'd see a lot of coins on top of the fountain. As if their wishes have a bigger possibility of coming true if they throw and shoot the coins there.
The church gets so packed especially during Sunday masses so be sure to arrive on time. Seats are provided outside but it's more comfortable to sit inside.
Here is their current mass schedule.

Pencils and papers are provided.

Pls. Good weather pls. :))

People would usually light up a candle for a wish and a prayer here.

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