Baguio Resto Finds: Rancho Norte at Ketchup Food Community

We ate our dinner in Baguio after climbing Mt. Pulag. We opted to try something new so we hired a cab and went to Ketchup Food Community in Romulo Drive near The Mansion, Wright Park and Botanical Gardens (link: here.)

It's called a food community since it's like a compound with different restaurants. These are all home-grown food concepts which makes it more interesting to visit. Wala sa Manila nyan! :)

Wherever you choose to stay, you can still ask for menus and order from other restaurants.
We didn't get to try other restaurants though since we only had roughly two hours to eat 'cause we had to catch our bus back to Manila after.
Their set meals cost P 158.00 with drinks. 
Chopsuey with Bagnet

This wasn't my order but this is the one I liked best. Forever bet ng gulay sa Baguio and the bagnet on top is just the right quantity to balance the vegetables and meat. 
Their sisig albeit having too many onions is also good. Bagnet ginamit nila.
This was my order. 
Bagnet. As in Bagnet lang. HAHAHA. I figured it's not okay to order this at night because the weather is cold and the oil solidifies fast.

Sobrang okay din naman nito (taste, quantity and price) but for more variation and for a healthier me hahaha, I'd go with Bagnet with Chopsuey talaga. :)

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