Mt. Pulag Climb: Hanging Bridge and Top Load to Ambuklao Dam!

Pinu-push ko talagang matapos 'to before November endssss. Two more posts left for my Mt. Pulag Series, keri. :))

We went back to the eatery where we ate our brunch on the first day of this trip. We had our lunch there and took a bath at the nearby comfort rooms with no door lock only a stone stopper outside. 

We weren't really intending to take a bath kasi papasmahin kami but when we saw ladies who were drying their hair. Parang kami, "Ligo na lang din tayo?" Impulsiveness level 1 Million. Sana pala habang nasa byahe, nagtanggal muna kami ng rubber shoes.

That was our bath after two days of intense physical activity. Wala e, smells like a baby pa rin. HAHAHA. 

Salamat talaga sa wet wipes that we survived at sorry sa mga paa namin na naabuso.

Sobrang laki ng pinagbago ko this year because I can now bathe and sleep anywhere. Syempre, given na safe! Pero seryoso, life must have been preparing me for something bigger. HAHAHA. YAN! Claim ng claim pa more. More travels and adventures, pls.? Yes? Universe? Yes?! Thanks. :))))

So after doing our thing, we rode our monster jeepney again and we were taken to this Hanging Bridge which name I don't know. 

I'm not scared of heights but I was a bit frightened to walk here simply because I was thinking of my cellphone. HAHAHA. 
I don't know what this place is called nor where does the hanging bridge leads to but it's very scenic. Everywhere in Benguet is scenic, you just have to go down your car or anything that you're riding on to enjoy the view more.

OR! Choose to top load your jeep. 
We were asked if we want to top load the monster jeepney and not surprisingly, we responded with a yes.

This is another first time for me. Sobrang enjoy. :))
Driving through the mountains and cliffs is love. HAHAHAHA. 
Selfie from the jeep. Just because.
This is a view from the road.
 I think this is already a part of the Ambuklao dam. 
Didn't get to see this on our way to Mt. Pulag because I was sleeping all the time then. HAHAHA. 
This ends our top loading adventure. 
Emo- emo din sa Ambuklao for a picture and then we headed to Baguio for dinner and to buy some souvenirs.

Destination matters but who you are with while traveling matters more. I was saving this quote for someone but pwede na gamitin, hahanapan ko na lang siya ng iba. hahaha.

Two of my girl friends and I joined a group tour and we knew no one (aside from each other and our expedition leader whom I've met during my Pico de Loro climb) prior to the day of departure in Manila.

At the beginning, we were like, "Okay. Tatlo lang tayong babae."

Then another arrived but she was with her office mates so she knew almost everyone there.

Anyway, to cut the story short... I think aside from being able to reach the summit of Mt. Pulag and to witness the majestic sea of clouds, what made this trip more special and more enjoyable were the people whom we climbed with.

Sharing stories with people you've just met, hearing words of encouragement from them when you're really close to giving up, offering their hands/help when you find it hard to ascend and descend, playing logic games on our way back to Baguio (each game took me forever to understand though), and laughing hard when someone shares his corniest "baon" na joke are other moments of our Mt. Pulag climb that are also worth remembering. 

Forever thankful for this two-day adventure.

Hindi naman siguro kasalanan sabihin na, more more more. :)

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