Calea Patries and Coffee, Bacolod City

Ask people who are familiar with the famous restaurants and/or coffee shops in Bacolod, I am sure that Calea Pastries and Coffee is one that will always be said. I am saying this because whenever someone I know flies to Bacolod, it's not a surprise that he/she is going to post a picture similar to this. hehe. Ayan, nakikiuso lang naman ako. :)))
Here's a closer look of their cakes.
I would love to try everything out but... :) Maybe when I return. 
Lakas naman maka-DSLR ng cellphone ko oh! May blurred background effect pa siyang alam. hahaha!

Calea's Blueberry Cheesecake
P 90.00/slice

It's my first time eating a cheesecake that has a nutty crust and I loved it. The slice is big for a P 90.00 cheesecake or it's probably because food in general is more affordable in Bacolod.

I finally understand why Calea's a must-try when going there.
I don't know where exactly is this located in Bacolod but you may ride a cab going here.  I think all taxi drivers would know where this is.

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