Fuze Resto-Lounge, Antipolo

 Searching for a restaurant in lower Antipolo? Fuze Resto Lounge is for you.

This restaurant (by day & night) and a bar (by late night) is a perfect place for a gathering of all sorts. :))))) Huhu. Pagbigyan ako ulit. :)) Anyway, it was a good day that turned not so good because before we started eating, I was bombarded with calls and texts so I lost my appetite. Oh, joke. 'Yun pa talaga malo-lost?! I just got annoyed for a while so it's fortunate that the food were great. I was able to get over my annoyance real quick. Alam mo na, pagkain. :))

To get here via commute: 
Ride Cogeo-bound jeepneys or fx, alight at McDonald's after SM Masinag.
From McDonalds, you may ride a tricycle to Soliven Street. The drivers know where this is exactly located
Fuze Resto-Lounge offers mainly Chinese cuisine but staying true to its name, they also offer fusions of the different Asian Cuisines.
Beef with Brocolli
P 245.00
The balls and buns of the Hotpot Starter Set
P 799.00
The plate has Sea Urchin Bun, Cheese Fish Bun (the one I liked best!), Wonton, Crabsticks, Mushroom Balls, Beef Balls, Lobster Balls, Fish Tofu and Crab Roe Bun.
Fish Fillet in Mango Sauce
P 250.00

So glad that this is one of the sample dishes 'cause even if they would say that this is one of their bestsellers, I still won't order this as my viand. Why? Because mango sauce. I love mango so much that I don't dare eating it as my viand. Hahahaha! Joke. The flavor combination sounded weird to me at first but it surprisingly worked.
Aside from the balls and buns, the Hotpot Starter set has Sliced beef, Sliced Pork, Egg Noodles, Pechay Baguio, Pechay Tagalog, Dried Tofu, and Corn.

Our soup were Satay and Chicken.
This was the one I liked best of all the short orders we were able to try.

Buttered Chicken
P 220.00

The skin was really crispy while the meat was tender.
Butter pero hindi nakakaumay.

This was the first time that I've tried eating the balls and buns in a hotpot restaurant. Hahaha. Sa totoo lang. Weird that I've gone to a lot but I don't really eat the hotpot kasi hindi ako mahilig sa mga ganyang balls and buns but I'm so happy I tried. Isa na 'to sa mga comfort food ko. Kanina pa ko pa ulit-ulit e noh, pansin mo? Hahaha. Sarreh. K. Sarreh. ;)
Hindi kasi ako into mga ganitong balls but I liked this a lot because of the cheese inside.
Crispy Lemon Chicken
P 220.00

What most people do after eating dinner is to look for a place where they can hold the "second round", right? Worry no more 'cause when you're at Fuze, you just have to go upstairs and enjoy hanging out here. The couches are cozy, many types of liquor are for sale, live band playing in the background... perfect, diba?
Fuze Resto-Lounge's operating hours and contact numbers.

Thank you, Aldous of 
aldousatetheworld.com for organizing this event. 

Thank you, Fuze for having us. <3
Medyo topakin lang talaga pero nag-enjoy ako. hehehehe.

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