Negros Occidental Day 4: Campuestohan Highland Resort

This resort is in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. It is a newly-opened resort near Bacolod City. :)) Joke lang. I am not sure if this has recently opened, I just made that conclusion because construction is still ongoing. Baka nga naman kasi matagal na tapos nage-expand lang. Hehe. 

Anyway, if you're a tourist or a local in Negros Occidental and you're looking for a good and affordable resort, you might want to consider Campuestohan Highland Resort. For only P 150.00/person inclusive of pool usage, you get to stay here for a day. 

We didn't have enough time to stay longer since our flight was also that evening but we still went here to take pictures because the view is really nice. Nakakabitin ka Negros pls! Sana makabalik. Hehe. 

I thought that it would be cold since it's situated in a mountain but it wasn't chilly even if it was drizzling. Umasa na ko eh. Haha. Whatevs. As long as the mountains blanketed by clouds are there at the background and the panoramic view of Talisay City in front, I don't care about the temperature of the air. hahaha. ANORAW?!

Statues of anime characters and famous personalities decorate the area. Kering keri talaga pang-picture picture.Tipong, "Tara na nga dun nang magmukhang marami naman tayong napuntahan." MAPANLINLANG!!! Hahahahahaha. 

For those residing here in Metro Manila/Luzon area:

We have Villa Alfredo's Resort in Pampanga and Amana Waterpark in Bulacan. These are okay places too minus the fog and mountainous background. Basically, resorts minus those two things that made Campuestohan more special to me.
This is what I am talking about. Iba. Huhu. <3
This Indian Village has cottages you can rent.
Nice, noh?
Aside from the anime statues, pools, playgrounds and colorful cottages, you have extreme attractions such as ziplines, rope trails, hamster ball, floating bike? I don't know what that is called but you're to bike on a rope. Mga ganyan. Lam mo na. Hindi talaga ko mag-explain. ;)
Just one of Campuestohan's pools.
Panoramic Picture from the hanging bridge
More attractions are currently under construction so expect a lot more from this resort. 
Medyo bitin man ang stay, goodbye Campuestohan! G2G. :))

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  1. Mukhang sulit naman ang 150 sa ganda ng mga pictures mo. First time ko sa blog (recommended by Cielo).