Negros Occidental Day 3: Second Day at Danjugan Island 2015

I had no idea about what's in Negros Occidental prior to booking our airplane tickets so we did a lot of research and naturally, we found a lot of attractions that are worth visiting but in the end ito talaga 'yung pinilit namin mapuntahan. 

Even if it's not as famous as Dumaguete's Apo Island yet (na sana ma-visit ko rin soon), I am really glad that we read about Danjugan Island. It's one of the search results when you google "Where to go in Bacolod/Negros Occidental?" Buti na lang talaga.

First day at Danjugan link: here.

Here's what happened during our second day at Danjugan. 

It was high tide in the morning so we were able to snorkel to our heart's content! 

Here's where we slept with my signature disorganized things.

Open lang. You're going back to basic and they don't have electric fans here but it's okay, it was not hot. 

I'm not really brave when it comes to ghosts and all so I had a difficult time falling asleep 'cause I kept on imagining someone peeking. But then, when I had fallen asleep, I didn't even heard that it rained because I slept well... which is usually the case naman. 
The snorkeling gears of Danjugan are all package-inclusive. 
Before we had dinner, I had a fun time watching these fishes because they looked like they were partying when the water level in the lagoon was slowly rising. See, those who partied all night were still sleeping when we woke up. I know that personifying these animals kind of sound weird but yeah, it's part of the experience or not. haha!
Before having our breakfast, we were taken to our first snorkeling spot. Huhu. Buti na lang high tide na! 'Yun pala 'yun, you'll appreciate snorkeling more on high waters.

Visible na 'yung corals from the boat pero nagi-iba 'yung mundo pag nag swimming ka na. Mas maganda sila tignan lalo pag naka-goggles ka na lang.
I've tried snorkeling before but this is my first time seeing this much corals and fishes. You can say that it's probably because I haven't gone snorkeling for a lot of times but I'll say that the feeling's really different here. Edi wow. Ang gulo ko.
When you go reef walking with food in your hands, it's understandable why fishes would go close to you so I can't think of a possible explanation why this school of small fishes kept on encircling us while we were swimming.  Or hindi lang ako aware na ganyan talaga sila kasi iniisip nilang predator ako? Pero hindi naman sila nalangoy palayo, lumalapit pa nga sila sa'kin. hahaha. Whatevzzz or paki-explain pls?

Underwater video while snorkeling.
Dave, the island manager, showing us the giant clams/taclobo.
Underwater Selfie. Naman. Haha. 
After having our breakfast, we decided to rest by kayaking in the Moray Lagoon. 
A beautiful and blessed morning indeed! 
Pag makita mo 'yung complexion ko, pwede kong sabihin na, "Ay ito, from Danjugan. Ito from Zambales, ito from Leyte." Mga ganyang linyahan kasi iba iba na kulay ng "tan lines" ko. hahaha. Yabang e noh. Joke lang. What I mean is kung napakaputi ko na noon, aba e mas maputi ako ngayon!
Then we rode the boat again and they took us to the twin peaks. Nung una iniisip ko na 'yung twin peaks e mala-bundok na mataas na bato pero underwater pala 'yon. Merong cliff sa ilalim which is about 50 feet deep. 
I saw a lot of fishes but it seemed that I only took pictures of clown fishes.
 Orange and black clownfishes.
Hindi masyadong halata 'yung lalim pag sa picture lang but I felt scared at first swimming over this.
Someday I'll try scuba diving too. <3
Here they go again.
Encircling me as if I was the balyena predator. Hahaha!
Someday I'll be able to name a lot of fishes that I'll encounter while snorkeling. It's a bit embarrassing that the only names I could think of were, "'Yung isdang may sugat na nasa aquarium sa Finding Nemo." "Yung isa, parang giraffe 'yung itsura nung scales." "Yung isa parang bato" "Dory" and "Nemo"
Sobrang ganda.
My pictures didn't gave justice to this.
Galit talaga lahi nito sa'kin ah.

 I was looking at them pero nagalit sa'kin at biglang lumangoy 'yang malaki nang mabilis paakyat, tas syempre nag-panic ako. Hahaha! Langoy din ako paatras na may kasamang sigaw eh. Ikaw, Nemo ah. Kung may sakit ako sa puso, ikaw na kumuha ng buhay ko. hahaha! Grabe. Stressbells. 
Swam a little again at the sand bar before going back to the lagoon.

 Bye, Turtle Island!!
Bye our princess type tulugan. 
'Yun 'yung butas na sinasabi ko oh, dun sa may bato. HAHAHAHA! Praning e.
I experienced new things and I definitely learned a lot from our overnight stay here in Danjugan. I really hope that more places in the Philippines would be developed as ecotourism sites that would be able to sustain the beauty and rawness of nature. Iba pa rin pag sustainable tourism and development eh, diba?

You know how in some places we'll say, "Puntahan natin at baka masira na." kahit alam natin na hindi dapat ganun, 'yun ang nagiging reality ng mga lugar na sumisikat sa irresponsible mass tourism. 
(Hello, Sagada :(( Magkikita rin tayo someday. Mag-heal ka muna). Haaay, kung magiging mas responsable lang sana tayo, di naman kailangan na may masira eh.

Hay, sana hindi ko lang sa Danjugan Island pwedeng sabihin na, "Puntahan natin ulit kasi sigurado mas maganda na roon in the next few years.'
Bye Danjugan!! Sabi nga, "I would stay and love you but I had to go."

Babalik ako soon. Sana makabalik. Huhu. Black tip sharks, sana magkasabay tayong dumayo sa Danjugan someday. Huhu. :)))

 Take nothing but pictures. 
Leave nothing but memories. 
Kill nothing but time.

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  1. "I would stay and love you, but I had to go" Lakas maka-hugot, teh?? Kahit saan may hugot? Mace? Hahaha!

  2. Hahaha! Wala naman na kasing hugot talaga. Na-tripan ko lang ilagay. Nyahaha!