Budget Merienda Meals at Gerry's Grill

Because I found out that not all Gerry's Grill branches offer these Merienda Meals, iinggitin na lang kita. Hahaha. Uy oh, once upon a time, naka-kain kami ng merienda with drinks sa Gerry's for only P 99.00. So what are you waiting for?! Magiging ala carte na 'to in 3, 2... haha. Lakas maka-home shopping.

But in all seriousness, thanks to this budget meal that even if we were trying to reduce food expenses, we were able to skip eating in a fast food chain.

When they say that theirs is one of the best Pansit Palabok, they're not kidding. I really liked their version of Pancit Palabok  with a stick of chicken kebab, buttered bread, and a glass of iced tea... all for P 99.00 inclusive of tax and service charge. Hahahaha. Pero since hindi lahat ng branches e may ganito, good luck. Tara, fast food na lang ulit. :))

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