Shawarma Bros, Bonifacio Stopover, BGC

I was finally able to go back in the area where I spent most of my days before, Bonifacio Global City.

 You know what frustrates me? It's that we found it hard to find a decent and affordable meal before aside from fastfood chains and yet they are almost everywhere in BGC now. Oo, BGC, kung kelan sobrang bihira na ko makapunta dyan. -_-

One of those that I have tried is Shawarma Bros at Bonifacio Stopover which offers reasonably-priced meals without compromising the product quality.

Order here.
They were a food truck before deciding to put up their flagship restaurant for stability.

I'm slow at noticing things like this pero mukhang truck pala 'yung order area at may pedestrian lane pa oh. hehehe. 
They are not claiming that they are offering authentic Persian and Mediterranean cuisine but as to what I have tried, their food tastes close to authentic and it is actually good in its own way. 
I love the idea of printing out Instagram screenshots and posting them there for other diners to see.
Syempre diba, when you're taking time editing your Instagram-worthy picture, one thing that would make you prouder other than having an awesome IG feed is when the establishments you Instagrammed or other people recognize/appreciate your post. 
This was my order
Beef Shawarma Rice with Keema Meal
P 229.00

The first thing I noticed when they served me my food is that the serving size is big.
Cheese and Garlic Yogurt Dip

You get to choose two sauces for your food.

I liked the garlic yogurt dip more than the cheese. Maybe it's because I was having rice that I didn't appreciate the cheese sauce that much. 
One thing you'd notice when you're eating with your fellow bloggers is how everyone is taking time taking pictures of the food that it gets cold before one is able to have his/her first bite. 

No regrets and not complaining because this is HOW we usually are. Mas komportable nga kesa 'yung kakain ka kasama 'yung hindi mahilig magkuha ng pictures kasi kailangan mo pa magpaliwanag at pigilan silang kumain agad. Haha.

My order was beef but it wasn't greasy so I had no problem eating my food even if it has already gotten a bit cold.
A closer look of the printed out Instagram posts. 
Drop by, experience their food, be part of the story and celebrate friendships at Shawarma Bros.

BGC Stopover Pavillion, corner of 31st Street and Rizal Drive, Taguig

Operating Hours:

Mon-Fri: 11am-1:15am

Sat: 11am-10pm

Sun: 11am-9pm

Like them on Facebook: here.

Follow them on Instagram: @shawarmabros

A big thanks to Abe of Shawarma Bros for having us and to Aldous of for organzing this event. :)

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