Maipilit lang! OH GOSH. HAHAHA. Katunog naman. :))

Fifteen days after posting my Oh Hey August post, I am posting this just because. Hehe.

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Today is Aldub's fifth weeksary and I'm still hooked.

I have always been a solid Dabarkads though I don't get to watch them everyday but since Aldub happened, I look forward to the video uploaded in their Facebook page every night.

We all know that this phenomenon/fever/addiction, whatever we call this thing was an accident. I know that this is not in the plan but look at where it is now. 

If there are three things that I want to (re)learn from this Kalyeserye they are: 1) I can't please everybody. 2) I will allow life to surprise me. 3) I will embrace changes and thrive.

It was just a simple kilig moment of Yaya Dub when she realized that Alden was watching her and suddenly, SURPRISE!!!! It was the birth of the well-loved split screen loveteam, Aldub. <3

 The segment was for Problem Solving... but Eat Bulaga let go and embraced the change then it was the birth of the first ever Kalyeserye, Kiligpamore (Kung 'yan nga 'yung title o tuko ba? Haha!)

Diba, galing lang sa isang pabebe wave e nagkakagulo na tayong lahat?! Naiisip mo ba what if hindi nila pinansin 'yung, "Uy si Yaya nako-conscious kay Alden!" ni Allan K. kasi hindi naman 'yun 'yung segment? Edi wala tayong Kalyeserye ngayon. :)) 

Hahahaha. Pero ito, para relevant sa'tin lahat what if 'yung kung anong ginawa ng EB sa show nila (No wonder strong pa rin after 36 years!), e i-apply natin sa mga buhay natin? Nai-imagine o nai-isip mo ba kung gano kalaki 'yung potential na meron tayo? Kaya go. Pag may opportunity kahit wala sa plano e go lang. Malay natin. :) 

Sabi nga ni Gina Greenlee, "Cultivate the art of maximizing serendipitous opportunities."

My fangirling side is alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic these past several days.

We Got Married's Lee Jonghyun and Gong Seungyeon (I feel sad that they're leaving the show though but I'm hoping that they're dating in real life!), Eat Bulaga's Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza and last but definitely not the least, ang pinakauna kong kinaadikan - John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. Tuwang tuwa ako when I went home the other night and someone sent me the link of the trailer of One More Chance 2!!!! Pag walang lovelife, sa ganito na lang talaga kukuha ng kilig, noh? Hahahaha! Keri lang. Sabi nga ni Lola Nidora, "Sa tamang panahon..." :))))))) Wooo. EXCITED NA KO SA MOVIE PLS!! At sana makita ko naman sila JLC sa personal. Bakit ba ang laki-laki ng mundo namin at hindi ko sila mahagilap o ma-tyempuhan kung saan? haha!
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I have yet to start my Palawan series posts. What's making it hard for me to begin is the process of selecting which pictures to include in the blog posts. El Nido and Puerto Princesa are so beautiful that it's difficult to decide which photos should I not include.

On another note, I read that a tourist died in Coron. It seemed like he stepped on a poisonous coral or something but I have yet to confirm what the real cause of his death was. Pero ganun, sa corals o sa marine life ang sisi. 

All the time naman, andun 'yung hazard ng mga ganyan when we travel. Yes, it could have been prevented if there was a proper first aid or a better hospital facility in Coron but still, it's unfortunate that it's still far from happening. Nakakalungkot lang. Sabi nila, "Coron isn't ready yet for tourists arrivals." Haaay. Hindi lang naman tourists eh. Bisita lang kami. Sana lang, hindi lang para sa tourists kundi para sa locals e magkaroon ng mas maayos na hospitals. 

I still would like to believe that there would come a time when...

  • we, especially those living in the remote places of our country, will have access to great healthcare services. 
  • all inhabited islands will have their own hospitals and schools. Hospitals hindi para maging ready for tourists ang isang lugar kundi hospitals dahil may mga locals din naman na nagkakasakit. 
  • all roads (bridges, highways etc.) are well-paved.
  • we're no longer hassled by the severe traffic congestion. Hello sa DOTC chief na nagsabing hindi fatal ang traffic dito sa'tin. Not burdensome to the daily lives of Filipinos? Hindi po siguro kayo lumalabas ng bahay pag rush hour, hindi niyo pa po siguro nararanasan ma-stuck sa traffic ng more than four hours minsan pag dumadaan ng C5 o EDSA. Haaaaay. :(
  • we'll have better transportation system. Better MRT and LRT pls lang!
  • going anywhere feels safe from snatchers, opportunists, hold-uppers and the likes.
Umaasa pa rin ako sa isang mas maayos na Pilipinas. Kapit lang!!!!!!! Pag susukuan natin 'to, lalo lang mawawalan ng pag-asa. Huhuhu.
'Yung concern ko last time, well, sinuko ko na. :) 'Yung Yes kasi na hinihintay ko, dumating na 'yon pero hindi ko pinansin but the good news is I am not brokenhearted about it anymore dahil sobrang bilis ko naman ata ever mag-move on. hahaha. Charot lang. Sabi kasi ulit ni Gina, "Relinquish the notion of lost opportunity and try on a new reality: Where I am is where I’m supposed to be.”  May reason 'yun pagshonga-shonga ko kaya enough na 'yung kaka- "Sana pala..." ko. hehe. It may have taken time for me to forgive myself (mga 1 week haha!) but I am letting go of my what ifs and I'm ending this chapter of my life already to give myself peace. Tama na kaka-desire sa isang bagay na hindi mo nahawakan. May better naman na darating! 

Lakas ulit maka-lesson learned nito ah. Hahaha. Pag maulit 'yung ganitong eksena, jump and the net will appear! (Hindi literal) hihi. Bahala na. Keri. Next pls! :D

Life isn't perfect but we can always find something to be grateful for.

May we live a life open to surprises!
God bless. :)

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