Jelly Belly's Bean Boozled Challenge!!!!

I won't show you the complete video we recorded when we were doing the challenge but I have uploaded a part in my Instagram account that I'll be embedding below.

When we watched the Minions movie, I reserved the tickets online so we were early and had the time to roam around the mall. We have always looked for this in candy stores so when we saw one, I immediately bought a box.

I was really curious as to how each tastes like because as you can read (or probably not), the jelly beans in the left column have the weirdest and most disgusting flavors.

I was lucky, though, to have tasted only four of them namely: baby wipes, toothpaste, lawn clippings and, by far the most delicious flavor I've eaten my whole life, BARF. So good that hours after I ate it, I still felt the barf sensation in my throat.  Yes, it felt like I was eating other person's barf. This is one of a kind experience, would definitely buy one again and try to trick someone who's not aware that these jellybeans exist. Hahaha! 

Hats off to those who formulated the tastes. I would love to know how they invented the weird flavors. Oo, igu-google ko na. :))
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