Revisiting Hanayo Korean Eat-All-You-Can Restaurant

It is almost a year since we first ate here and I've tried several restaurants as well but Hanayo Grill in Tomas Morato remains as one of my favorite Korean Restaurants/ Eat-All-You-Can places.

Aside from the unlimited iced tea, I didn't notice other changes but I am posting this here because of my companions' request na, "Ilagay mo rin naman picture namin sa post mo!" Oh so, ito na nga!! Buti kung lahat ng post ko ay may mukha ko e, noh? Bihira lang din naman ako magpakita. Haha. 
Note: Mas okay na review 'yung first post ko, please refer to that. Ipo-post ko lang 'to para sa mga pictures nila. 

The price is around P 550.00/person which is not bad kasi ice cream pa lang, bawi na.

Hanayo Grill has sushi and kimbap in their options. Hihi
Even if three years have passed since I first tried Samgyeopsal, I still crave for it once in a while.

제일 좋아하는 한국음식
Different meat options for the grill. 
Love it that these ice creams are buffet inclusive.
Pabebe Girls
Walang makakapigil sa braso kooooo! hahaha. 

또 올게요. :)

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