Revisiting Mama Mary at Regina Rica in Tanay, Rizal



From Quezon City, Tanay, Rizal is a 1-2 1/2 hours drive if you're passing through Cogeo. 

We revisited Regina Rica two times last month so here's an update.

Found out that the meaning of RICA is Regina Institute of Contemplation in Asia. The rest of Regina Rica complex is still under construction but they're going to develop retreat houses probably like the ones in Caleruega, Batangas link: here. They held the Groundbreaking Ceremony last March.

Scroll down more for our third visit.

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Regina Rosarii

They say that this statue is miraculous so make sure to climb the S-Trail to get to this hill. 
View from Mama Mary's hill
Behind me is the Sierra Madre Mountain Range
The chapel on a regular Sunday Mass
Nabawasan na 'yan so imagine how packed this place will get this Holy Week.
I'm sure a lot of pilgrims will head to this church. 
Color coded candles.
Shoot that candle. 
A candle cost P 20.00
I love driving through the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. AS IN. Baka ako nagd-drive. hahaha. 

Third Visit

You can be dropped directly at the chapel's entrance but we usually park near the orientation area and just walk to the chapel. This might get pretty tiring especially since most are uphill. 
79 feet tall statue
1. Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the mass begins so you can attend the CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER.

2. First timers shall be welcomed through a song, "Welcome to Rica, Welcome to Rica, Welcome to Rica. We are glad you're here."

3. In Regina Rica, they have what they call MOM or Mary's One Million. It's a signature campaign wherein you'll list your family members and the nuns will include them in their prayers. Until the fourth generation of your family shall be healed trough the "Prayer To Heal My Family Tree." Each family naman has our own problems and I was never sure if such thing exist until I heard the prayer at Regina Rica. There are times that we feel that we're still "paying" for the sins of some of our family members, diba? For these things that are out of our control, sa Kanya na lang natin iwan.

That's why we must be good because we don't know how our actions will affect our family's next generations.

Touch our hearts with peace even in the midst of chaos and crises experienced by our families.

4. After the mass is a healing prayer, you'll be asked to turn around and face the hill of Mama Mary and afterwards you'll be asked to form lines for the Anointing of the Holy Oil. Regina Rica's oil is the best smelling oil ever. The scent stays until the end of the day.

There is also Anointing of the Holy Oil after the mass at St. Pio Pietrelcina in Libis (near Eastwood Citibank Footbridge and a gasoline station) link: here.

5. Near the entrance of the church you'll find empty bottles that you are to fill with coins and offer them when you return. This is called "Bote Bote Para Kay Maria" I'm now filling my own bottle. 

Sunflowers are in full bloom already. 
Inside the nipa huts area are these labradors for sale. I waaaaaant.
There is also a hanging bridge which was close that day so I don't know what's on the other side.
Don't tease the monkey!
And that place's treasures.
Haaay, sarap matulog dito.

In this area are tables and nipa huts which you may rent in case you want to eat there. They have a restaurant but it's a vegetarian restaurant.
Lady on Top of the Hill
The first picture of Regina Rica that I saw has this sunflower lined S-Trail so I was kind of disappointed the first time we went there because there weren't any. Really glad that Mama Mary called us for the third time and I was able to see this. 

Regina Rica
Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal

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