Cafe Monaco

Got to eat at this Korean (?) Restaurant today 'cause my friend celebrated his birthday with us as his guest. Yey.

We sat on the couch for comfort.
 But... either the table was too high for us or we were just short. Need I say more? It's the former, right?

We were served kimchi and pickled raddish as side dishes.

Bibimbap, Omelette Rice, Beef Pita Pocket and Ramen. 

I had bibimbop and it was one of the best I've tasted so far not to mention that the price is affordable (P 140.00) for a large serving. 

, The Ramen and Omelette Rice which we were also able to taste and they were good. 

As for the Beef Pita Pocket, I ate one but they were too sweet for our liking. 

Although it's a fairly small restaurant compared to the others found in that place, remember that big things come in small packages. All in all, eating in Cafe Monaco is an enjoyable and tummy-filling experience. So, if you happen to be in Banawe area or just craving for some Korean food, try visiting there 'cause it's really worth your time and money. 

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