BPI Family Credit Card (ANO??? MAY BAGO KANG CARD!?)

By Tin Gallemaso - 1:34:00 PM

It has been months since I last made a post under the label SaveSaveSave but here I go again.

What to do if you're a first time credit card user link: here.
BDO JCB Credit Card link: here

Ito 'yung bago kong card BPI Family Credit Card link: here.

A break muna from my Palawan series, I'd like to talk about the newest addition in my card collection (card collection talaga hahahaha), my BPI Family Credit Card (Mastercard).

Tuesday: I received a call from BPI Family and the lady on the other line told me to drop by the bank since I have a pre-approved credit card. All I have to bring is my valid government-issued ID.

I told my mom that I have another pre-approved card and her reaction was the same as mine, "Pano? Bakit ang dali?"  It's a question that I can't answer for I really don't know the reasons as well but it's something that I am glad to have. hehe. Sa totoo lang, I never thought of applying for another credit card since my JCB is already enough for me and wala talaga ko ng lahat ng requirements na ipapasa sa bank if I apply for one. Hahaha! Bigla na nga lang dumating 'yung JCB sa bahay eh. Pero since andun na, edi grab ko na. In the hopes that I'll have another out-of-the-country trip kaya ko 'to kinuha kasi para sa internationally accepted card. Baka ito na naman ang lucky charm!! Claim lang ng claim. Maga-out-of-the-country kasi ako ulit! Hahaha! Nawili.

Thursday: I went to the bank and filled out the application form though it was just to update my records since the card was pre-approved nga. Usually when you have a credit card, you pay an annual membership fee but they had a promo that if you apply before September 15 and spend five thousand pesos within three months upon the receipt of the card e free na 'yon for life so no annual fee na. Waived 'yung JCB card ko for the last three years, never pa ko nagbayad hopefully never ako magbayad ng fee for both of my cards forever. Sana kami man lang may forever. Hahaha! Tipid ng P 2,500 taon-taon din 'yan.

Monday: My card arrived at home via messenger/mail.

So ano?

With greater purchasing power comes even greater responsibility. 

I've met a lot of people who say that having a credit card is a bad idea but for me, okay lang. It's a neutral thing - 'yung pagiging good or bad is dependent on how you use it eh. Just don't think of it as an extension of your money and pay your bill on time then you won't be charged interest. Okay ako for convenience talaga.

If there's one thing that I'd like myself to be after getting my second card is to become more responsible in handling my money especially now that I have two temptations in my hands. Lagi ko nire-remind sarili ko na pag hindi kailangan wag bibili. And it actually helped that overtime, I became more interested in travelling (sabi sa book, experiencer ako) than acquiring material things so even if I fall into impulsive spending sometimes mas madali ako mag-control pag, "Lakwatsa o iyan?" Haaaaaaaay!!! Pero tao lang, I fall into temptations pa rin mas konti nga lang compared sa dati.

Papairalin ko ang pagiging wise at ilalabas ang sangkatutak na self-control. Para sa out-of-the-countries at out-of-towns. GO PUSH!


KAYA NATIN 'TO!!!!! Ajujuju. :))) 

Salamat, BPI! Baka naman kasi nababasa niyo posts ko at alam niyong nagb-blog ako tungkol sa inyo kaya nabigyan ako ng pre-approved card. HAHAHAHAHA. Feelingera. Edi wow. Joke lang:))

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