The Porch by Casa Verde, Sikatuna Village, Q.C

I got to know this restaurant because of their Mighty Ton burger and Shake but we ordered something else when we went there.

We found the place with the help of Google map so I couldn't tell you more details about its location. Yan. Paka-dependent pa more sa technology. Haha!

We went a bit passed lunch time so it wasn't that crowded but all the seats inside were taken so we stayed here outside. I also wasn't able to go farther than the order counter so I have no comments about the interior. 
It was raining so hard when we were eating but it was comfortable nonetheless.
Brian's Rib
P 250.00

I know that it doesn't look like it in the picture but this one was surprisingly big. My brother ate all of this but an order would be enough for like two to three "normal" people. HAHAHA! Nanira pa ko eh. It runs in the blood, guys. Matakaw talaga. Hehe. As for the taste, I found this delicious. It was flavorful and tender and last but definitely not the least, sulit. It's not everywhere you can find pork ribs this tasty and within the affordable price range.
Buffalo Wings
P 168.00

This one's fine too, I just found it too spicy for my preference.
Fisherman's Platter
P 328.00

We couldn't decide which of the seafood options to order so we had this Fisherman's Platter;  Karlamari, Tavern Shrimps, and Battered Fish Fillet.

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I had a difficult time choosing a restaurant where I'd take my family for my birthday treat and then The Porch came to mind. I was hesitant at first since I haven't tried eating here before but it's a good thing that we pushed through even if we had a hard time locating this place bago ko buksan ang GPS. haha! With the affordable price, delicious food, and hearty servings The Porch by Casa Verde is definitely worth trying out.

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