Theo's Baked and Brewed, Maginhawa Street, Teacher's Village

 I think this is one of the newer restaurants there or I wasn't just aware that they've been there for a long time. Gosh. Ang dami ng mga must try Teacher's Village. I shall be visiting the others soon! How soon?? Idk. Haha. 
After eating at Artsy Cafe (I'll post about this next time), we walked towards The StrEAT but it was still closed. Good thing we found Theo's just a few blocks away.

They have shakes and pastries but we were full already so we just ordered drinks.
Para sa mga matitigas ang ulo na kagaya ko.. :) What is it that we deserve?! Wag na magpumilit. haha!
The space is usually the main problem of most restaurants in Maginhawa street. For here, two customers gave their seats up when we arrived so we were able to sit.

It will be best to avoid the peak hours for more comfortable stay. I personally dislike crowded places when eating out because the experience becomes irritating than relaxing but I know people who would rather have the people than peace and quiet. Anti-social levelz, ba3? Haha!

P 90.00
Matcha Hazelnut Latte

As you know, if you're a returning reader, I'm into anything matcha. Imagine how happy I was that they had a hot matcha latte in their menu. haha. I was able to purchase matcha powder so I'm having my own version of matcha latte almost everyday but I still get excited in trying out other restaurant's version of my favorite drink.

This one's good although the serving was a bit bitin for me since I'm used to venti-sized matcha latte HAHAHA EDI WOW. But in all seriousness and my katakawan aside, it's definitely worth it for its price and taste. The matcha wasn't overly potent so best for those who want mild taste of matcha with a hint of hazelnut. 

Hoping to go back to try their baked goodies as well.

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