Puerto Princesa & El Nido Day 1: En Route and Delays

POSTING THIS WHILE WISHING THAT I WILL HAVE ANOTHER FLY OUT FOR 2015. HAHAHA!!! Yan talaga ang makakating mga paa. :))

It took me two months to finally start my Palawan trip series because it's really hard to decide which pictures to include in each post. But anyway, here it goes.

Because of several operational problems, our flight was delayed for like more than six hours so what we were expecting to happen on our first day obviously didn't happen.

Supposedly our flight was early in the morning but we spent almost the whole day at NAIA Terminal 4 and arrived at Puerto Princesa at 4:20 in the afternoon. Yuppppp, this is... Sparta. Jk. That was the longest time I spent waiting because of a delayed flight.

When impatience started to creep in, iniisip ko na lang na, "Hindi naman ako lagi nabibigyan ng chance na maghintay because of a delayed flight, pwede na." Although of course, those lost 6 hours are supposed to be used to tour Palawan City but yea... travel through watching movies at catch up sa FB dahil second day ng Aldub phenomenon 'yon. Haha! July 17 ang flight namin. Learn to appreciate the gift of pause... hehehe

Maybe to appease the impatience and displeasure, we were given this Jollibee meal for brunch. Well, thanks for this Airasia Philippines pero mas maa-appreciate ko kung next time e laging on time na tayo please. hehe
We were given this too. You'll know that your flight is so delayed when the airline keeps on feeding you. haha. Charot. I appreciate the food but solving those operational problems ahead of time would definitely be better.
Kailan na naman kaya ang next flight ko? Lalalala. I am waiting for my next adventure, universe!! Pakibilisan. Tengga na ko sa traffic ng  Manila ng ilang buwan. Naks, ang arte!!! Ilang buwan lang, nagi-inarte na!! Hahahahahaha. #pagbigyan
Haaaaaaay, <3 FINALLY!!
When you're going there, you don't need to go far to find restaurants or canteens where you can eat at because a lot can be found near the airport.
The initial plan was to go to Robinson's Place Palawan to leave our bags so that we can tour around first though obviously scrap 'yon. We didn't know what to do so we still went but it turned out that it is not the best idea since there are not much homegrown restaurants here. Kahit na sabihin kong mas masarap ang Mcdo sa Palawan e iba pa rin pag local talaga eh. Stay na lang sa vicinity ng airport.

I can't decide which mode of transportation would be the best for the roads to El Nido. I want to try riding a bus the next time I go there just for the sake of being able to compare which vehicle would be more comfortable for a 6 hours long travel in the zigzag winding roads to El Nido.

 Gosh, I hope they develop more paved roads soon because saying that the road is bumpy and the travel is exhausting would be understatements.

Pero kahit na maraming delays and maraming di inaasahan na nangyari, thankful pa rin for this. <3

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