Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen, UPTC


Tin: Gusto ko ng La Lola, meron pala silang product na may matcha ice cream eh.
Mama: Sige, subukan natin 'yung Mama Lou's muna. Malapit lang naman sa La Lola 'yon. 

We were 15th in line when we went there. 15th?! Are you kidding me?! I mean like I haven't eaten a decent meal the whole day because we were insanely busy and I'll be waiting for another 45 minutes to 1 hour before we get a seat????? But it's rare that my mother suggests a restaurant 'cause it's usually me who chooses where we eat so okay, willing to wait. Hahaha. Arte lang. Hindi ako nag hysterical dun. Ano magagawa ko e ang daming tao. 

15th in line. Calmly gave the receptionist (kung ano man tawag sa kanya) my cellphone number. Went to Mercado to buy some groceries. After around 40 minutes, the receptionist called and told us that our table was ready e nakapila pa kami sa counter para magbayad... buti na lang walang topak kapatid ko, binigay ko lang pambayad sa kanya tapos pumunta na kami ng nanay ko sa Mama Lou's.


The first thing I noticed was the parmesan bottle. Parang ako, patay ka. Ubos ka. Hahaha.

But the food we ordered were flavorful and delicious on their own that there was no need to put additional parmesan cheese on them.
After ordering, we were served this bread and tomato dip. This was the first time I tried a tomato dip for my bread in an Italian restaurant because it's usually vinaigrette and olive oil but I liked this too. MABUBUHAY AKO SA ITALY, GUISE. :)))) 
Mozzarella Sticks

I loved this paired with the sauce.

I wanted to try other dishes especially those I haven't tried eating yet but since I was with my mother and sister, we stuck with our usual orders.
Large Pepperoni Pizza
P 395.00

Yep, our usual order is pepperoni pizza because my sister's picky with her food. For me, this is easily one of the best thin crust pepperoni pizzas I've tried. This is coming from someone who orders pepperoni pizza in almost all restaurants she's eating at ah. 

You know (if you've read some of my previous reviews) that I suck at describing the taste of my food but when I say it's good then it's good. Haha!! Edi wow, noh?

The next time we'll go here, I'll definitely order Mama Lou's Special pizza - that was the order of those seated beside us and it got me so curious. Ang kulit kasi ng itsura tas mukha namang enjoy sila. Haha.
Spaghetti Meatballs
P 295.00

This took a looooooong time before it was served to us. I almost cancelled this order since nabusog na kami sa pizza but when I followed-up, the waitress told us that ilalabas na raw in two to three minutes, so okay, we waited. And again, glad we didn't cancel and glad we waited. The noodle was cooked just right - al dente. The sauce was sour but sour in a good Italian pasta way. Do you get what I mean? Hahaha! Gosh sobrang hirap mag-explain plsssss. :))))

The place was really busy but infairness to the staffs, the service was still good. They were attentive and courteous. They were also constantly refilling our drinks even if we weren't asking for any. It was just kind of hard for the kitchen to catch up with the orders because there were a lot of people that night so forgiven ang na-late na spaghetti, masarap naman.

Overall, I'd say that Mama Lou's is worth the wait. With great food and serving that's good for its price, mothers undoubtedly know best. Hehe. 

Next time na si La Lola, hindi ko na kinaya mag-round two kahit na matcha ice cream pa 'yon. 

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