The Lost Bread, StrEat, Maginhawa, Teacher's Village

Why so lost, bread?

Another Maginhawa food find.

I have a loooooot of backlogs from there (not only from there pala haha!). Naipon na since July. Aigooo. I still have Artsy Cafe, Rojo's Baked Chicken, and North Wing Manila.


We went there on a Saturday night and the StrEat was full of diners it was crazy. We formed our line and after around 20 minutes, they posted a sign that they're going to have the ice cream machine rest. We obviously had no choice. Hope they find a solution for this though. Sayang oras. 

Since we really wanted to know why was this so hyped, we decided to return and fortunately the line was still short when we arrived at the StrEat. 

Ito na nga 'yon.

After all the wait and several inconveniences, we got to order our drinks and true enough, plus sa presentation because even if we didn't get to order The Carnival (the milkshake that has cotton candy on top), Swissmissed and The Campfire were also Instagram-worthy. 

Wala sa picture 'yung order ko actually. I got Spiked Cookie for variety's sake and it was a wrong decision - what you usually get for ordering just for the sake of ordering is something you won't like. It was good though nothing really special. I also found the milkshake too sweet but the main reason why I wasn't able to finish my drink is because it has coffee. HAHAHA. My fault talaga for ordering a drink with coffee when I know that I can only drink a few sips of it. K. Fine. Aamin na. The Baileys got me. Ang angas kaya pag sa 18+ drinks category ka nag-order. Hahaha. Charot lang! You can hardly taste the Baileys dahil kaunti lang naman. 

For a drink with Baileys, it's still Superduck Teahouse's Baileys Milk Tea

Will try it there again only when the Carnival with cotton candy is available. Otherwise, it will (always) be matcha bingsu from Magpie Cafe.

As much as possible, refrain from going there during weekends because it is too crowded. Pero if you're after the crowd, edi go. Madali lang naman akong kausap. ;)

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