Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro, Tagaytay

I used to frequent Tagaytay (attractions link: here.) but this time, it took me more than a year to return. I was surprised not only by the new establishments in Tagaytay City but also by those along the Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay Road. How can there be that much change within a year? Anyhow, this is not to answer the question, "what changed?" but "where to eat?" and "what to eat?" when in the area.

This is along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hi-way, roofdeck of Domicillo Botique Hotel. 'Yung daan pa-Mahogany Market merong gas station. Lagpas lang ng kaunti doon, then nasa left side sila pag pa-Batangas 'yung way. 

Interior of Aozora 
If it wasn't so hot that day, this part would be the perfect place to stay at. 

Oh. I heard that the best time to go here is during sunset. Yes, I think that sunset viewing is perfect in their place 'cause nasa west part sila and there are no obstructions in the view. (Sunset at Picnic Grove link: here.)
Japanese snacks are for sale.

Got over my love for Meiji's dark chocolate because it's Meiji's Kyo-matcha for me now. Hehe. 
And they have the best spot of all the establishments I've visited along the ridge.

The name Aozora (blue sky) makes perfect sense when you're at this part. I would love to view the sunset here someday. Sige, kapag may ka-date na ko. Char lang :))
Panoramic View

You are to see nature and forest in its finest. You are to eat Japanese cuisine in its finest. Definitely worth the drive!

Unfortunately, mahirap na makakita ng ganitong spot sa Tagaytay kasi ang dami ng buildings and houses. Buti na lang, meron pa rito.

So here it is.

Tagaytay's first authentic Japanese restaurant. 
Dragon Maki

Named as such because it looks like a dragon. Laki kong tulong talaga. Haha. But this tastes good huhu I want to go back. 

Miso Soup

And my favorite of the dishes that I tried there is Aozora's version of Sukiyaki. 

Aozora's Fried Rice
So good you don't even need a viand to eat this with. 
Aozora's owner, Ms. Christine, told us that they import most of their ingredients from Japan. Their salmon has a different texture from the salmon sashimis that are available in eat-all-you-can buffets.
Aozora's Salad

The crunchy kani on top took this salad on a different level. Sarap! I can eat this all by myself. hehe.
Chicken Katsu
Loved this as well!
The chicken meat was tender but the panko coating was crunchy.
Pork Tonkatsu
Chicken Terriyaki
Tempura Ice Cream for dessert

This one's interesting because the ice cream's obviously cold but the tempura coating is hot. The taste of chocolate syrup, red bean and vanilla ice cream are all complimenting. Must try!
I was surprised when they brought this out. Bulalo ramen daw.

But I was more surprised that they managed to make this dish into something na hindi nakakaumay at bagay. Bulalo in not my kind of comfort food but with Aozora's Bulalo Ramen maybe it can be now. 
A look of Taal lake once again. 
Yay for the virgin forest they have there. Looks like no one has traversed here yet. 

If you find yourself in Tagaytay, go to Aozora 'cause not only do you get to see this scenic view, you also get to eat delicious and authentic Japanese food prepared by Chef Seiji Kamura.

9 AM - 10 PM
KM 58 Gen. E. Aguinaldo Hi-way, Tagaytay City, Cavite

For reservations:

Thank you, Ms. Christine Villongco of Aozora for inviting us and Aldous of aldousatetheworld for organizing this event. :))

Bet talaga, noh?
Mej ingat lang kasi walang glass na harang dyan. Di ko lang rin alam kung ano tawag. 

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With other bloggers and Ms. Christine. Pahiram ng IG picture mo, Aldous! Hehe. :D

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