I Kennon! 

I went to Baguio two times last year and for both I was asleep the whole drive and only awoke when we have arrived in Baguio. Plus, all those were at night so there wasn't much to see.

So... Baguio has three major access routes from the lowlands: Marcos Hiway, Naguilian Road and Kennon Road. 

Three days and Two Nights Sample Baguio Itinerary (2014) link: here.
Mt. Pulag Climb Series (2014) link: here.
One Afternoon in Baguio (2015) link: here.

It was only on our most recent trip to Baguio that I was able to look at the view.

 Funny thing here is all those months, I thought that it was Kennon Road the buses were passing through. Hahahaha. There's definitely a lot more to learn.

Ito pala 'yung famous lion's head.
Lando's damage was still evident in the area. :( This is only one of the many landslides we saw on our way.

There are camps 1-8 in Kennon. It was said that the camps were for the builders of the road that was then occupied by the local residents. 
Kennon is a landslide and accident prone road especially during the rainy season. We even personally saw the aftermath of Lando but not one of us was thinking about the danger. Instead,  we were only marveling about the beauty that is Kennon. 

I have no pictures of the canyon below where the Bued River flows. Aside from the zigzag road, there are also several cascades and cliffs that you can look at.

This only proved that CAR is, so far, my favorite region in the Philippines. Hehe. More plsssss. 

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