Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken and Sancho Churreria Manila, Maginhawa Street

Maginhawa Street in Teacher's Village is the street of first to nth rounds if you know what I mean. It feels incomplete if you're only visiting one out of the several restaurants there. Or usual, baka ako lang 'to.

 Here's my rounds one and two, Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken and Sancho Churreria Manila. 10 weeks ago na pala! My golly.

One thing when you're the person who's kain ng kain is there's a tendency that the people you're with rely on you in choosing where to eat. They're like, "Ikaw, ikaw naman maraming alam na kakainan." I appreciate that but like what I am always saying, it's tough to be the one deciding because what tastes good for me may not taste good for them. At! Excuse me, ayoko lang kasi ng paulit-ulit kaya parang ang dami ko ng nakainan pero hindi po talaga ako kain ng kain. Wag niyo na ipilit na ganun ako... charot. :)))

The usual scenario when it's an unplanned Maginhawa food trip is we walk along the street without an idea on where we are going to eat. Tingin lang and then pag may recall 'yung resto, okay na dun. 

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We were only supposed to cross the street pero sinalubong na kami ng staff nila. Haha! I haven't tried eating here as well kaya sige, dito na lang din.

 I don't know what Peri-Peri was. All I know is I have a low tolerance for spicy food so I ordered the original variant. Oh, I learned that peri means pepper. 

The chicken was grilled perfectly - tender and not too burnt but I had friends who were disappointed during their visit 'cause they were served dry and bland chicken daw kaya idk. The sauce tasted new to me that I don't even know how to describe it (as if this is something new). I liked it though there's a slight hint of star anise. Never liked star anise in my food buti na lang kaunti lang.

The place was small and it was kind of hot inside. If I return there, I'd sit at the tables outside.

For dessert, it was Sancho Churreria Manila.

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P 88.00

A friend recommended Sancho to me before saying that they're well-known for their churrros con chocolate so when we passed by their restaurant, dun na lang.

For the price and taste, this is definitely a steal. I captioned in my Instagram post that I liked the chocolate dip a lot because it's bittersweet. I like the taste but I hope it has a thicker consistency.

One similarity of these restaurants is their social media presence. They both replied to my Instagram posts and Peri-Peri take pictures of all their diners and post them in their Facebook account. 

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