It's a Wrap for 2015!

Today's the last day of 2015 and I'm not prepared at all. Kabigla na 2016 na bukas. Sweet 16!! 

Sobrang bilis plssss! I've been complaining more about how times flies, noh? I am not sure if you're feeling the same way but even if, it's not like we can do anything about it. HAHAHA. Ge. 

Nga pala, fault 'to ng BayanTel bakit hindi ako nakapost kahit may idle times ako after ng Pasko. :( Pawala-wala kasi internet connection namin. :( Paki-ayos po!!! Nakaka-frustrate lagi lang akong naka-mobile data. :( Nanisi pa e. Pero seryoso talaga ko, nakakainis 'yung BayanTel ngayon.

I chose 15 pictures that is related to the caption I thought of or better, I chose 15 pictures and thought of captions. K. Gulo ko forevs. 

Medical Mission
April 2015

This year's greatest regret lesson learned made a chance for me to join a medical mission plus a day tour of  Kalanggaman Island and Sandbar in Leyte.

Now that I am writing this, totoo ba?! aarte pa ba?! Hindi ba pwedeng maging masaya kang napangatawanan mo na Pinas Muna??? Hehe.
Medical Mission
April 2015

And it has also allowed me to bring joy to other people because of my presence. Char! Pero I would love to make myself believe that it was because I stayed that they had a chance to experience something new and be happy. Afterall, what I wanted to do this year was for it to be more of others and less of me. So ano pa di ba? I made that come true. Thankful pa rin.
Kung sa mundo ng hugot, kahit ang tagal kong pinagdasal 'yung oras na darating siya sa buhay ko e hindi ako naglakas ng loob na hawakan siya ng mahigpit at sabihing akin na siya kasi natakot ako, hindi pa 'ko handa at naniwala akong babalikan niya ko pagkatapos ng ilang buwan.

Sabi ko, wait lang.
Sabi niya, sige sa susunod na lang kasi babalik naman ako.

 Hanggang sa hindi na dumating 'yung susunod na 'yon. Hanggang sa malaman ko na lang na hindi naman pala siya babalik.

Gusto ko siyang sisihin sa hindi niya pagbalik pero mas andun kasi 'yung sisi sa hindi ko pag kapit/pag sunggab eh. Tuwing iniisip ko kasi napakarami kong pagkakataon na binalewala. Ako 'yung may pagkukulang sa nangyari - hindi ko agad naisip na opportunity knocks only once. Nakakatuwa lang na sa ganitong paraan ako tinuruan ng buhay na pag may dumating at gusto ko, grab lang kasi mas may mawawala kung hindi ko susubukan. Best teacher talaga ang experience. 

When it dawned on me that it was really gone (IT ah, hindi HIM), regret was all I was feeling then eventually (buti naman!) I've accepted that it's something that I can't change. So next time, if ever the similar circumstance happen or something bigger, I'll seize it. I hope for courage so I can take greater risks and for continuous belief that the odds will always be in my favor.

It also helped a lot that I read this quote from Joel Osteen that said, "Sometimes you have to thank God for what didn't happen. Thank Him for the things He's stopped that you knew nothing about." Alam ko naman na mae-experience 'yung essence ng kung ano man 'yon someday, hindi lang talaga siguro para sa'kin this year.

 I can't tell you what is it for now but I soon will.. hopefully during my wrapping up post for 2016, kaya ko na sabihin. 
Danjugan Island
June 2015

Last year, I climbed mountains and hills. This year, I swam at rivers and seas.

Most of my adventures this year were water related.

Swimming, Snorkeling, Island Hopping, Kayaking etc. 
Danjugan Island
June 2015

From swimming with this school of small fishes in Danjugan to the gentle giant of Oslob, keri.

From swimming in a cold and fresh water from a waterfalls to the salty sea water, keri.

From the blue tiled pools to the white sand beaches, keri.

More?????? Keri. :)))
El Nido
July 2015

In the midst of all these, I made another goal for myself. Hehe!

Sabi ni Ninong Fitzgerald, "I'm not sure what I'll do, but - well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow, want to live where things happen on a big scale."

Although this isn't something new because I've mentioned this for a lot of times before that my ultimate passion is going places. I think one of the best things that happened this year is finally knowing or having an idea on how I'm making this happen. Not soon as in soon next year but someday in its perfect time, I shall. Basta, the most important thing for now is may titignan akong gusto kong gawin.

"Place your desires before God. Pray about them and trust God to give them to you if and when they're right for you."
Kissako Cafe, Pasig
October 2015

Although I'm used to going out alone, I have few experiences of eating alone. I'd rather starve or eat something while walking but not in a sit down restaurant nor in fastfood chain. Hindi pa rin ako nakakain ng rice meal mag-isa sa labas until now so challenge 'yan for the coming year.

This doesn't sound like a big deal for others but it is for me. Never talaga ko nasanay but next year dapat masanay na 'ko. Travel alone, eat alone, watch movie goals ganyan. Sana by next year, I'll be more comfortable in being alone. Yup, alone but not lonely. :D

Pansin mo ba 'yung core motivation ko?! Ikr. Pagbigyan na. HAHAHA.
Grateful for the gift of new skill.

I attended baking classes and I am now able to bake cakes, cookies and cupcakes!! YES!!!!

Will definitely improve my baking skills! Although I prefer cooking more, iba pa rin 'yung skills sa baking na dapat precise at exact lagi para hindi pumalpak. Nasanay kasi sa pagluluto na kaya naman gawan ng paraan most of the times pag hindi okay 'yun lasa. Matinding mise en place ang ginagawa ko pag baking which is so not me when cooking. haha!
Rizal Park
October 2015

I saw a lot of new places but I also revisted a lot this year and I'm happy I did. There are a lot of new things to learn. hehe.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust

Pero sinama ko 'to in hopes that we'll be able to elect a president who genuinely wants the best for the country. I'm sure that there's hope for us, hindi ko nga lang alam kung paano pero sana talaga, mas umayos na. 
Cliffhouse, Tagaytay
October 2015

The bridge was never burned but it wasn't something that I crossed as often as I used to. I am happy that even if I suck at being that friend who's always (physically) there, I was able to rekindle the friendship I had with my loves. I am glad that even if the contact was somewhat lost for months and even years for some, our friendship bonds were able to survive on their own. Parang walang lumipas na panahon... :)

Here's to letting go of toxic relationships and holding on to significant ones.
Here's to treasuring more the gift of old and new friendships.
Marriott Hotel, Pasay City
October 2015

2015 gave birth to the kikay moi.

This is something I found truly fascinating. :) Who would've thought talaga.

I can't go out without wearing lipstick these days. As in seryoso 'to, the more papansin, the more I like. Sobrang layo na ng narating ko from that girl who chose to apply petroleum jelly rather than buying a decent lip balm. Hahaha! From that girl who learned to apply powder because her guy friend would get mad at her saying, "Sinong babae ang walang powder sa bag? Retouch? Walang ganun!?"

I'm learning. I will try to learn more about the powers of creams, serums and the likes. I will try to make more posts about them. Nak ng! Beauty blogger ang peg. HAHAHAHA!
I have no picture I can post about our Parish Renewal Experience so I am posting this as a symbol of rebirth and because I made my tree planting wish come true even if I'm uncertain that this survived in Sierra Madre.

One thing I realized that weekend is how important it is to pray for others and to have a prayer buddy. I had let go of a lot of baggage I kept to myself and it was a miraculous feeling. 

Full experience and feels: here. 

Ito na muna siguro 'yung ministry ko, blogging ministry as in sharing His word through the internet kasi hindi ako makasali ng ministry sa church namin.  Kainis! Haha! Lakas maka-imbento ng ministry. Buti na lang understanding si God sa mga kagaya kong hahaha sige no words. At buti na lang, ibang level na kung anong meron kami ngayon.

Should you want to join a Parish Renewal Experience and you can go at Tandang Sora, Quezon City, we'll have another class in February 2016. 

Welcome na welcome ka po, Ate/Kuya! Paki-iwan na lang po 'yung contact details mo.
My last out-of-town for this year is in a place that has become so special to me - Infanta/Real, Quezon. I'll be blogging about my three days there but for the meantime, here it is!

My hardest trek ever that reminded me that no matter how hard something becomes, tuloy lang 'cause eventually I'll get there. Bumaba kami from that mountain for 2 1/2 hours, 'yung peak sa middle then umakyat ulit in just an hour to think na mas mahirap at mas challenging umakyat.

Hindi ko rin alam kung paano ko kinayanan maakyat 'yan sa pinakamatagal na isang oras ng buhay ko kahit gusto ko ng umiyak lalo pag nakikita ko 'yung napakaputik at napakadulas na assaults. Hahaha! Buti nakahabol pa ng isang bundok before 2015 ends. 

More bundok for me next year!!
I had my hair rebonded and cut short.

I think shorter than my hair in the picture I posted below. It was an impulsive decision and kind of regretted having my long hair cut especially now that I have a rounder face because I got chubbier. Chubbier lang. Balik alindog program next year, mga boys and girls. Hahaha!

Pero since new year means new life, edi 'yan embrace ko na my short hair kahit nagmukha ako lalong siopao.

Nga pala, I bought a book entitled "I've Never Been to Vegas but My Luggage Has" and that was the book I read when my hair was being rebonded. From there I am quoting, "Your life, your path, your journey - it isn't going to look like everyone else's." 

I am God-approved and I'm claiming it! See you next year, Las Vegas! I will go to Vegas without my (emotional) baggage but with my luggage and courage. EDI WOWWWWWW. :)))))) 
A major change happened to this blog because from which served as my URL since this blog's birth in 2012, I bought my own domain and this is now

I love how this became CelebraTINg ExisTENce tas iniwan ko 'yung araw-araw sa baba, parang unintentionally naging ito 'yung gusto kong maging na hindi ko lang ma-put to words. Gets hahahaha. Next post will be about that basta, here's to more adventures and milestones na mae-experience ko na ish-share ko dito.

Pag iniisip ko, meant to be siguro talaga na I came up with the idea of signing up for a blog in New Year's day of 2012 kasi ang laking part na 'to ng buhay ngayon. Malayo na rin from how this used to be and from how I wanted it to be na walang pictures ko and name ko. Ngayon, naka-link na 'to sa Instagram and Twitter accounts ko so yey for that! May improvement. Mas komportable na. Pero kung kelan talaga ko kumuha ng sarili kong domain, dun pa ko hindi nakakapag-blog ng madalas. Madalas naka-schedule na lang 'yung post na andito. hahaha! Ge. Next year is another chance... :))

Also, it's worth mentioning that it wasn't my goal to meet people and to attend events when I made this blog and those are the reasons why I declined a lot of invitations to blog events/anything blog related until May this year when I decided to join one.
This was taken at Urban Eats in Congressional Avenue Extension. I'll blog about them real soon talaga as in tomorrow na.

"No Strangers, Only Friends We Haven't Met"

Sobrang fitting niyan because I met a lot of bloggers this year since I've started attending blog events. Thank you, Aldous! Ready na for more ganap next year. At!! Bet ko 'yung Ambitious Adventurer. Sana ngaaaaaaa.

 Meet the rest of Team Aldous here.

Here's to leaving the baggage of 2015 behind and welcoming 2016 with open arms!

Wishing you all the best for the coming year.
God bless us!

"Everything you want is coming. Relax and let the universe pick up the timing and the way. You just need to trust that what you want is coming, and watch how fast it comes."

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