Cebu, Philippines: Tops Lookout and Temple of Leah

Entrance Fee: P 100.00

I don't know how to get to this place via public transportation. 

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While there are a lot of different tourist spots and restaurants in Busay, we only went to three that day. Here is the link to the other places we visited: Attractions in Busay

During weekend nights (or probably even on weeknights), there are several food stalls in this place. This is a good place to view the city lights of Metro Cebu at night so this is perfect should you want to just sit there and take in the view. I heard there are outdoor concerts held in this place as well. 

Lots of things have changed since my last visit in 2017. 

So this is the end of our Busay tour.

We wanted to see Magellan's Cross but we feared being stuck in traffic and missing our flight so we skipped on that and headed straight to the airport. 

Throwback to 2017 for pictures from Temple of Leah. 

I don't know where exactly in Busay were these photos taken but we didn't have to pay an entrance fee nor did we see the tables before. 

A lot of things have probably changed for this place as well.

This was also suggested by our driver but we didn't have enough time to visit so I'm posting photos from years back that I haven't blogged about yet. 

I think that if your goal is to only see Metro Cebu from an elevated place then Temple of Leah is a better option than Tops Lookout. You pay entrance fee for both anyway then pay for a place where you can see more. 

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