USA 2016: Bellagio Fountain Show and Conservatory

Each casino hotel here in Las Vegas has its own unique attractions. For Bellagio, it's the dancing fountain outside that I am not able to watch in full yet. Haha. 
When I got out of the Planet Hollywood Hotel, the show was about to end and I didn't know the schedule so I just went inside Bellagio.

By the way, a day isn't enough for a mall/ hotel hopping at Las Vegas. There's just too much to see... for free. HAHA
Glass "flowers" before reaching the conservatory. 
For now, the theme is spring. The flowers are mixtures of those found in Japan and Netherlands with all the cherry blossoms, tulips and other flowers with names I am unsure of.
Zen Garden style. 
Don't know of they're real or not. 

I was told that they're real but they look plastic to me. 
Spring feels. <3

Autumn naman next time..plez universe, plez life, plez hahaha. 

Underwears at Victoria's Secret hahahahaha there's always a first time. So unique experience while fitting their underwears. Hahahaahahaha. 

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