USA 2016: Downloaded the Transit app to find the bus to where you are...

 24 hours tour of Las Vegas for only $5 with RTC. 

From where I currently live, the bus to Las Vegas departs every hour. For two times in the past six days that I was here, I was a minute late for the bus. Hahahahaha. 
Ang sakit sakit.

Ginawa ko naman lahat, di pa rin pala sapat sa standards niya.
Tuwang tuwa pa naman ako pagkakita ko sa kanya, di naman pala ko papansinin.
Hinabol ko naman, iniwan pa rin ako.

Wala bang second chances ha, bus? Wala bang konting paghihintay kasi di naman ako perfect ha, bus? Wala bang... hahahaha.

I'm am 
here alone in a bus stop at an 8 degrees Celsius weather because most people will arrive just 5-10 minutes before the scheduled arrival yet I am stuck here for an hour because I don't want to take risk and return to my apartment. Hahahahahaha. I have immediately adjusted my body clock the night I arrived here in Nevada and yet I haven't totally removed the Filipino time in my system.

Anyhow, if it isn't running late for the bus, it's usually being lost. :)) We were in Las Vegas the other day trying to navigate and find our way to the Filipino Grocery we know at Maryland Parkway but we ended up being lost for two hours.

It's nice to get lost at Vegas if you have the time though since there are a lot of places to see like this one in Wynn and the Fashion Show Mall.

So there's this app called, "The Transit App."

It was obvious that we were lost and a Filipino owner of a beauty parlor approached us and asked where we were heading. (Mga friends, baka totoo na pag tayo e nag-topak at pinag-desisyunang sakupin ang mundo, may chance tayo. I see a lot of Filipinos everywhere I go. It's a great thing especially during times like this when I'm on my own) He told us that we can use his wifi and then download the Transit app so we know which buses to ride. We did and it was a great help! It is the waze of bus commuters. Haha. So when in Las Vegas (or maybe anywhere here in the US), you may download the app so you'd know the codes of the bus you should be taking. Afterall, the bus fare is $5.00 for 24 hours no matter how many times you're riding. Hop on, hop off tour of any place in Nevada with an RTC bus.

And here's my view as I publish this post...

God bless.

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