USA 2016: Maryland Parkway and Free tastes

Airport (LAX and LAS) posts will be lengthy so I'd leave that on a day when I have more time and more stable internet connection.

It's my fourth day in the United States today. I'm getting by, trying to get used to the shift in body clock (although this wasn't much of a problem), trying to get used to arriving at an empty apartment without food prepared (food talaga haha. I have three apartment-mates, two are Filipinas whom I have known even before leaving the country but we hadn't bonded that much yet since most of my time now go to processing of my documents e.g social security number which I am waiting for at this moment, will be doing the laundry in the weekends etc.

The bonding time I spent with my friends before leaving and the numerous blog events that I have attended prior to going here, I think, has helped with my adjusting. Well, it isn't easy but it also isn't that hard (yet at this point). The bonding reminded me of how to open myself to potential friends and the blog events taught me how to approach and talk to potential friends. Gets. Whatevs. Kaya ko 'to. Ito na 'yun oh, I will be experiencing living alone for less than 100 days kaya umayos ako. Wag akong ano. Everything will still be the same when I return in the Philippines. HAHAHA.

Anyway, yesterday we went to Seafood City Grocery area and a mall. Seafood City was much like of home since there are a lot of Filipinos there. Nakakamiss din mag-order na ang sasabihin mo eh, "Ate isang Chef's Special. Chinese-stye fried chicken." Saka ang sosyal ng kalamansi rito, lemon juice ang nilalagay sa siomai. Seafood City is the place to go to when you're feeling homesick here in Nevada. Chowking, Jollibee, Red Ribbon and silog meals included.

And then, I was parched and starving while walking in a mall and all of a sudden someone was like, "Anong gusto?" Shocked I said, "Kuyaaaaaaaaaaaa!" He is a Filipino from Cebu city working for a pretzel store and he was offering free tastes. So, we got to eat some and drink some as well. I'm actually surving up to this point with a great help from the Filipino community. They gave us tips and directions and food. Other nationalities have also been very kind, I've met Americans, Spanish and Mexicans who have helped us everytime we lost our way.

Hoping for a more courageous me. I can do this. Diba diba.:))

Will be posting more touristy posts and guides soon. Have just been so busy processing papers and getting lost since I got here that I don't have a lot of pictures yet... Huhu. Also, I'd love to have a laptop by now. So hard to post using my phone.

God bless us.:)

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