USA 2016: Fashion Outlet at Primm Nevada

Where can you buy the cheapest products (Shirts, Shoes, Fragrances, Watches etc.) in Nevada? It's in Primm Fashion Outlet at California-Nevada Stateline, Primm Valley. 

There are three hotels here namely: Buffalo Bills, Primm and Whiskey Pete's. 

Fashion Outlet is connected to the casino area of Primm Resorts and Casino. When you're at it and you're looking for something to eat, make sure you eat at the pizza and wings place inside the casino *ehem* they have the best chicken wings. Hahahaha. And pizza, of course. 

Anyhow, I've talked to a lot of people - locals and tourists alike because I'm looking for sales and they would all tell me that it's already a lot cheaper here in Primm compared to other stores in Nevada.

A lot of people would even go out of their way (if they're from Vegas) just to buy here. What is a 30-drive when you get to save a lot, right? 

I don't have a lot of pictures but two of these earring set cost $10 only. 

These are only some of the avilable stores there. They have Nike and Sketchers there as well. 

One time we entered a watch store and the watches were already at 60% off then take off another 10% at the counter. Great deal right there, huh? 

This is a part of the mall.

It doesn't get packed on weekdays but it does on weekends. Sales are the same though so you may go there on a weekday for less people.

Also, Nevada doesn't have Lottery so since this is in the Stateline of Nevada and California, there's a lotto store outside.

Give me money if you win, okay? Haha! 

Bath and Body Works

The downside of having too many sales is indecisiveness so ugh. cant. decide. Good thing stores are always on sale! :)) 

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