Question #1: How to stay calm when our life's a mess?

Offer all your problems to God. :))) Sobrang weird when you feel like all the quotes in this world are made for you and your situation noh. Haha. At least there's something to hold on to. Tipong, kagaya nung natutunan ko sa letter na pinapadala ng Kerygma sa e-mail, "Lord, problema mo na 'to! Ginawa ko na makakaya ko. Bahala ka na" Hahahaha grabe naman kase, life, bakit ka ganyan sa'kin?! Char. May frustrations kasi hindi naman ito 'yung gusto ko at inasahan ko pero in the end wala naman ako nagawa eh but to wait. This is REAL life. This is ApREAL. HAHAHA!!!! Wag na kasi ako umasa eh I know, I know, masasaktan lang ako pero wala eh, umasa pa rin. HAHAHAHAHA.

Question #2: How have I been? 


You know those days when you've given something more attention then in the process, you've neglected something that supposedly has the same value? I kind of regret not giving things the importance they deserve just because I had my mind fixated on something but oh wells, no regrets... ata. Haha!

Every moment of our lives is a learning experience and I've been aware of this for the longest time that unless we learn that one particular lesson the universe has been wanting us to learn, then the problem will continue to show up in our lives -  in a different context, but definitely same essence.

February to March experiences have made me relearn 1. the importance of living in the moment; 2. the importance of prioritizing.; 3. the importance of sacrificing for the right things. Last but not the least, 4. "Knowing" how something would end shouldn't stop me from trying because there are these things called "miracles." Wala talagang hopeless situation pero hopeless na tao marami. Putcho putcho hands up. HAHAHA. hello there my fellow, nega. Pero out na ko dyan!! Positive thinker ulit. Haha

'Yun nga, we have no choice but to make our journey worthwhile, e diba? We have to be tough and continue moving forward. Kanya-kanyang kwento ng buhay lang 'yan. Wala naman tayong ka-kumpitensiya dito e pero it's our responsibility to make the most of what we have.

Hopeful lang na, I get to make up for all those I've intentionally lost.
Hopeful na lang na, I will make the right and worthy decisions from this day on.

Hopeful na lang na, even these bad parts will make my life's puzzle a very beautiful one in the end. hehehe. EDI WOW.

Question #3: Nagugutom ka ba? Ako oo eh. :(



We can do this. <3

All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us, diba? :)

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the world is unfolding as it should. -Desiderata 

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