DMZ Archery Range (I shall return!)

Meron na rito sa Tandang Sora/Vasra!

I added something to the things I can't do well (yet) list and it's none other than, ARCHERY!!! YEY!!! I've long been wanting to do it then came DMZ Archery range which is really close to our house so we immediately went to take advantage of their soft opening promo. It was then when I realized that it's seriously not for me so kahit gaano pa kalapit 'yan, pag hindi talaga, hindi talaga. :))) Tinanggap ko na yata, besh. Wala eh. Ayaw talaga sa'kin. Kaya siguro di kita matamaan kasi kahit andyan ka sa harap ko, di kita magawang maasinta... hayyy haha charottt

Ay, let's add jenga to the list of the things I can't do well unless... drunk/under the influence of tequila. HAHAHAHAHA. I know that I am bad at this but there was this one night when we played this while drinking and, the heck, I was surprisingly good. :)))

We waited for our turn so we played jenga for a bit and then we were called by the coach (Idk what to call him) and he did a short orientation and coaching about archery do's and don'ts. 

We only paid P 199.00 each for an hour of playing but none out of the 60 minutes I paid for did I ever felt that I am destined to follow the footsteps of Katniss Everdeen. hahaha. Kainis Everdeen pwede pa. You know what, I want to try it again just to prove myself that I can do better than shooting arrows outside the circle. Yah know. Excused naman siguro 'cause aside from it's my first time, I am naturally bad at hitting targets (charu depende sa target haha)

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I posted this picture in FB and I captioned, "I did my best to be bad at this pero tinatamaan pa rin." and they believed me. :(( Well, tinamaan talaga, haha, 'yung labas ng mga bilog saka 'yung target ng katabi ko. So that's how good I am, noh? Masyadong easy 'yung sa'kin kaya sa kabila ko ipapatama. :)))

In short, that was a night when I realized that there are two things that I can't do well and that most people are able to control and close their left eye while the right remains open. Di ko kaya. Kung kikindatan kita, right lang kaya kong ipikit. Kaya pala. Kaya pala di ko makita 'yung right one kasi 'yun ang laging napipikit. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA


Happy Valentine's!!!!!!

Here's their Facebook page: DMZ Archery Range. All details should be there.
Good luck! <3

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