Manila Creamery's Matcha Taho Gelato Shake and Nyelfies HAHA

By Tin Gallemaso - 10:24:00 PM

That one afternoon when you enjoyed your matcha gelato shake and took many selfies... tell me about it. HAHAHAHA!

I've been meaning to try this one out eversince I saw the sponsored post in Facebook.

Post about Manila Creamery, UPTC link: here.

Here's to y'all matcha lovers out there, here's one you should try out too!

Matcha Taho Gelato Shake

I was a bit skeptical because the combination kinda weirded me out at first but I was like, what is there to lose? Matcha naman and I love everything Manila Creamery! No joke. 

Was it really taho? I seriously couldn't distinguish what the white part of this shake is but I liked that there's texture in this. May nginunguya. HAHA. The flavor combination of taho and matcha was so on point though I really wish that they start selling plain matcha gelato.

Btw, we went back there few weeks ago but it was almost closing so I was only able to order their Salted Egg Cheesecake gelato which was good too.

And then I noticed that there's sticker...

One selfie...

and another...

And another... :)))))

So ano difference ng pictures? palaki lang ng palaki mata ko. hahaha!

You're next, Manila Creamery's Matcha Latte! <3

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