Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center, Tanay, Rizal (Part 1)

We had a glamping site in our mind since last December when we were planning our first (definitely not the last) get-away for 2017 but all they were offering for the weekend was an overnight, literally overnight that we had to leave at 6 AM the next morning. We were like, "Ugh, whatever. Let's find somewhere nice and relaxing."

We searched online for the resorts in Rizal. We were left with three options but Bakasyunan Resort's Website got us. Aside from the "almost" infinity pool overlooking Laguna Bay, Laguna, Rizal and Talim Island, it was the view of the windmills that lured us in. Not to mention that the cottage prices are affordable so it was within budget. 

To get here, we rode a jeepney to Tanay and tricycle to Bakasyunan.

Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall - Junction - Tanay - Tricycle

Shopwise, Antipolo - Tanay - Tricycle (We passed through this on our way home, it's a bit shorter compared to what we took on our way to the resort)

Starmall Shaw, FX to Tanay then Tricycle (option for South people and those who don't like to ride a jeepney)

I knew of a different route that passes through Cogeo, I forgot which was it exactly but it was a jeepney ride from a market in Rizal to Sampaloc, Tanay.

I prefer the Cogeo route (especially for private vehicles) but if you're coming from Teresa, Baras etc., this is a bit past the entrance of Daranak and Batlag Falls. 

Our tricycle driver stopped at the gate 'cause he thought that tricycles weren't allowed to enter the resort. Koya, magtanong kasi. Uphill, oh. Kahingal. HAHAHA. 

We had a reservation before going but we weren't able to print the proof of fund transfer. It's a good thing though that they print for free. 

Hello there, Pililia Windmills!

Pililia Windmills post link: here.

They had two areas with pool. This one's the infinity with the view of the windmills. 

Our room for our overnight stay.

Sulit for its price!

The room was clean. Towels, tissue roll and soap were provided. 

When we climbed Mt. Daraitan, we weren't able to go swim at Tinipak River so this is something I'm considering going back to. Ito lang. Di na 'yung Daraitan. HAHAHA!

At my back are bigger cottages than what we rented for the night, those are perfect for bigger groups or families.

While there are a lot of activities at the resort, we weren't able to do any because of budget constraints. Haha. Since we had to pay for each. :)) We just walked around and feel the mountain breeze. 

The sunset color was superb even if we weren't able to see the sun, the variation of colors were more than enough beauty... and the girl at the picture was even more beautiful. ANORAW. UWI NA?! hahaha

We really wanted to save but the corkage fee scared us that only things we were able to bring were bottles of water, chips and bread. hahaha. We were hoping that Bakasyunan Resort's food will make not only our tummies happy, but our wallet as well.

And yes, it did.

Each order was for 2-3 persons and the taste was okay too. Keri lang, wag na magbaon kung di naman kayo group. 

After we had our dinner, a lot of people were already by the pool area so it was out turn to go out to the team building part of the resort just so we wouldn't have to stay with the crowd... uhm, anti-social people? :))

Syempre, hanggang tingin lang kami. :))

This was where we stayed after dinner. HAHAHA!!!!!

Team building kung saan walang tao. Anong activity? Zumba via Youtube instructor. Makaiwas lang talaga sa tao. HAHAHAHA.

May part two pics. :D

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  1. Hi. How much pamasahe sa tricycle from tanay (pagbaba ng jeep) to bakasyunan? Thanks.