Freebruary Pa Rin...

I haven't been composing new entries and my drafts (supposed to be scheduled posts) haven't been posting as well. Aayusin ko na po. I was just reminded of posting another entry 'cause my friends searched this blog. Heck, that was so awkward!!! Imagine I started blogging since 2012 and yet I still get awkward and cringey whenever someone tries to search and read this blog in front of me. Kulang na lang ihagis ko 'yung laptop! ENOUGH WITH THE TORTURE.  -_- When will I get used to that, life? Malamang nagsusulat ako tapos naka-publish sa internet. Mas malungkot dapat ako kapag walang nagbabasa, diba? K. Thanks puowzh pero torture pa rin. HAHAHA. -_-

 I read my February post last year and I was talking about me being right and that person not believing me link: here. Fast forward to Feb. 2017, yes, ako 'yung tama. But I kind of fell into a similar scheme without me noticing but it's a completely different situation and I'm doing my very best to get even. I know you'll favor me on this too, universe! 

Sad, confusing, infuriating things are bound to happen in this lifetime but may we always keep our cool and strength!

God bless! 

Padaan lang talaga. :))))

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