El Chapo's, The Yard, Xavierville

El Chapo's Food stall in The Yard, Xavierville

This is definitely one of the food stalls in The Yard that I would want to go back to. They have reasonable prices, generous servings at ang sarap, bes. And not but not the least, LEGAL. :))

Both their soft tacos are good but I prefer the one with beef salpicao more than the one with sisig. The beef salpicao was tender and it was really delicious!! Sobrang bagay din sa soft taco. And look, hindi lang siya pang Instagram na itsura kasi masarap talaga. 

Those beef bits are beef salpicao, I believe.

Their nachos have hefty servings which is very okay for its price. Sarap pa nung toppings. 

Grilled Corn!!

I've had something similar to this when I was in the states so it kind of reminded me of that. Ang saya except that I really have low tolerance when it comes to spicy food that I kind of got surprised when I ate the hot sauce. But the spiciness, creaminess (of the white sauce), and the sweetness of the corn were, overall, a good taste combination. Looking forward to having this again!

It doesn't look like it but the rings were pretty huge. Mabenta 'to that we finished it instantly the moment it was served. Perfect paired with the white dip that it comes with. Or the hot sauce if you're into spicy food. 

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