Bohol 2017: Dauis, Baclayon Church, Blood Compact Site, and Chocolate Hills

Bohol before the earthquake struck link: here.

I looked for other places worth visiting in Bohol 'cause there has to be more places to visit in this beautiful island but all I found is the countryside tour, which as of this writing, I've done for three times already. I'm not complaining, universe!! I'm just curious of the other places aside from Panglao and those visited during a countryside tour. 

Our first stop for that day was Dauis Church.

 It is still undergoing rehabilitation from the damages it had when an earthquake struck the province in 2013. They don't hold masses inside but visitors can come in for a quick look. 

 You can get the plastic bottles filled with holy water in exchange for monetary donation. 

Bohol is known as the "City of Friendship" because it is where the Blood Compact happened. Blood compact symbolizes the friendship of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, a spanish explorer and Datu Sikatuna, chieftain of Bohol.

Baclayon Church

It's also undergoing rehabilitation but unlike Dauis, visitors are not allowed to go in. There used to be an image of St. Pio in the wall at my back but it also got damaged during the earthquake. 

Chocolate Hills

There is currently two viewing decks to see the Chocolate Hills (which are currently matcha hills) this one is the one in Carmen. 

Emotera forevs. 

For thrill seekers, there is CHAP or Chocolate Hills Adventure Park. It has a zipline and a skybike (similar to the one in Eden Nature Park, Davao)

Okay na lang na dito mapagod kesa kakaisip sa'yo... charotttt. <3

Bohol January 2017 complete itinerary link: here.

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