Ikigai Kakigori

If you ask me where to get good matcha ice cream here in Quezon City, then I'll tell you that one of your options is Ikigai Kakigori Cafe along Scout Madriñan. If you have been to this blog before, you would know how much I love my bingsu (Korean shaved ice) but love's just not enough especially when it's EDSA traffic we're talking about. During these burning hot days, me and Seolhwa Cafe, BGC aren't a thing. Haha. Lol. Anyway, I like that I've been exploring Quezon City food finds these past months.

This is their menu.
I hope they're readable but if not, you may find the menu here in their Facebook account. Link.

This is their matcha kakigori

Ikigai - a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being."
Kakigori - a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener, often condensed milk.

Yep, if Korea has bingsu then Japanese has Kakigori then Philippines has Halo-Halo. Chos. hehe. 

Their homemade ice creams were also good. I've recommended this cafe to other people and they're all asking me to go back with them. Oh, sure!!!!

You'll really taste matcha in it unlike other ice creams which you can barely taste the matcha. Ang tagal ko na naghanap ng matcha, kaya pala laging nawawala kasi nasa Ikigai Kakigori. hehe. I shall return! 

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