Genki Sushi, UPTC

Shawarma Bros and Genki Sushi both have branches in BGC Stopover and they've now gone North. I really appreciate restaurants from the South branching out here in Quezon City especially in UPTC because that's where I find myself going more these days. 

This can be found in the ground floor of UPTC's phase two where Shakeaway is.

The way of ordering in Genki Sushi is thru an ipad. Choices are printed out and are also found in the ipad. Don't worry though 'cause the crew will be there to guide you if you're a first-timer.

This is my favorite part of Genki Sushi. HAHAHA! 

That's unlimited matcha right there. :))

They have complimentary matcha powder and hot water in each table. As per the crew's instructions, the normal scoop of matcha is just two to three per cup. I'm not normal so I made mine with five to six scoops each. Haha! Seriously though, I hope they sell their matcha powder. :)))) You have an avid buyer in me, Genki Sushi!

The orders will be delivered via these little trains. 

The way of ordering and delivering is actually the main reason why we wanted to try this out but their food is equally worth the reason why Genki Sushi's a must try. 

Our orders cost us around P 900.00 and only two of us ate everything. We have big appetite so I can't say if you'll be able to eat this much too for a meal. HAHAHA. 

Will I consider going back in Genki Sushi?

Of course! I have yet to taste their matcha ice cream. :( I was saving space back then for Manila Creamery's Matcha Taho so I skipped having the green tea ice cream even if I almost grabbed the order of the people seated next to us when their ice cream passed by. :)))

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