After All Bar and Grill, Jazz Residences, Makati

Every memory repeats,
Every step I take retreats,
Every journey always brings me back to you... food. 

Don't you just love hanging out in a chill place with your friends? I haven't been doing that recently so while in After All Bar&Grill in Jazz Residences, Makati, I was reminded of those good times. It's always a nice thing to reconnect and chat with friends AFTER ALL. 

This Bar and Grill started because a group of friends felt that business and fun can go together. That's the reason why they set-up a place where you can have good food, good music, and of course, good laughter. 

The name After All was chosen to commemorate all the years that the group have been together. And these tables, will now be the place to create new memories not only for the owners but for us, customers, as well. It's all about the memories we're making with our loved ones after all, right?? :))

This is their bar.

They have myriad choices of craft cocktails that are of high quality for sure but the price remains reasonable so you can afford to order more drinks. Haha! Who drinks only one cocktail for the whole night, by the way? 

While they serve food that are usually "pang pulutan" you'd probably order rice. So the table set-up's good too. You can comfortable sit in a table while listening to the band and while drinking and eating. 

These "finger foods" are so delicious. I need my rice. :))


signature spin to the Cuban libre with a lime infused salted sugar rim

Romanian Deviled Squid

tender squid seasoned with herbs de provence and spiced with cayenne chilli sauce

OMG, hindi ko alam kung anong 'to. hehehe

Deep-fried Crispy Pata

This was chopped after picture taking so it was very easy to eat. Perfect with the vinegar specially its crunchy skin. huhu

Saikoro Steak Skewers

a popular izakaya dish of pan-grilled skewered cubes of wagyu beef

This skewer smelled so good that even if we wanted to take pictures of all the food first before eating, we got a stick each. Tastes as good as it looks! 

Tuna Salpicao

classic favorite of shrimps and garlic sauteed in olive oil with tomato sauce

Seafood Teppanyaki

A medley of soy and garlic seasoned seafood cooked on a hot griddle

After Sunset

a secret blend of four different fruits spiked with jose cuervo

Apart from its color, this was my favorite cocktail for that night. 

Waikiki Ribs

Tender Pork Ribs smothered with a rich barbecue sauce

Their version of sisig. 

Notice that they don't have a specific cuisine but their food selections are a mixture of Filipino, Spanish, Japanese, etc. cuisines which is actually cool. The different cuisine is like showing the different people that go there to chill 'cause on most days (nights, rather), you'd notice that the place is filled with people of different nationalities too. Ansaya. 

Band for that night. Such a good way to end the day.

Since they're still new, more food options will be available in the next few weeks so watch out for the breakfast and lunch options. Pero 'yung cocktails talaga ehh. :)

Band Schedule of After All Bar and Grill

G/F Jazz Residences Nicanor Garcia cor. Jupiter Street, Makati City
028163652/ 09062181251

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