Behold Bohol 2017: Sunrise and Dolphin Watching

Woke up early for this! :))

Ang lungkot ng pictures, besh. :)) Ang gloomy kasi nun. haha!

Pero hindi eh, masaya ko nun kahit gloomy 'yung weather. There's something magical with watching the dolphins swimming around the boats you're riding. :)) Ewan, ansaya. 

I've done and watched them before but this felt like the first time. Ewan. Nakakatuwa. 

Watching the trained dolphins in a show (like that of San Diego's Sea World link: here) didn't feel special as much as watching them in their natural habitat. :))

This dolphin watching at Pamilacan island was our first itinerary for that day.

Balicasag Snorkeling/Free Diving
Virgin Island Sandbar

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