V&M's CPC+G Oil Review

I've recently posted about the online store, BeautyMNL where I bought my CPC+G Oil last May 30, 2017.

My haul post: here.

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CPC+G, according to V&M's website, means Citric Acid – Papain – Calamansi plus Grapefruit Extract. I am also borrowing their description of this product: This mixture does not only effectively whiten the skin, it also makes skin healthier because of its Vitamin A, C, E, pottasium and other more essential minerals content! This concoction may be used for the face and body. Ingredients: Clair Blanche, Papain, Calamansi, Grapefruit Extract

Basically, this is a whitening/lightening oil which you can combine with your creams and lotions or just use it as it is to target dark spots/acne marks. 

I'm showing you some pictures so please click read more. Di ko keri, besh. Shy ako. :))) char

I went to Polillo Island last May 25, 2017. Going there, we had to ride a boat that took us four hours. 

Being the first-timer that we are, we decided to stay at the open area and "topload" the boat. Silly me, I didn't apply any sunscreen before staying in that open area. Stupid me, I didn't bring my sunblock for my face. Lazy me, I decided to not get the sunblock I have 'cause walking to where my bag was placed from the topload area was a bother.

It was cloudy so I felt fine sleeping with no roof there. I just wore my sunglasses and covered my face with my sarong which turns out to be one of those stupid choices 'cause after four hours, I arrived at Polillo with a sun burnt nose. Kung bakit mas obvious 'yung sa ilong, di ko rin alam. 

I wore my BB cream on all the days that I was in Polillo but I guess the sun exposure was still too much. I don't have any product on my face at the picture above. And I took this picture to send sa GC so I can show my nose pero I'm posting this here too. Kapal. HAHAHA. 

Here comes my dilemma. :)))

'Cause my darkened nose was so obvious, I had to find a way to make it peel or reduce the darkness as soon as possible 'cause I was scheduled for a passport renewal last June 14. I had two weeks to "recover" since we still went swimming last June 1. 

This was me before Polillo.

I don't want my dark nose to show at the passport picture which I'll be using for the next five years. Hahaha. I started applying CPC+G Oil on my nose every other night. Di naman yata siya harsh, ayoko lang na every night ilagay. 

June 2 ako nag start


Medyo brown pa rin. 

I put concealer on my nose this day but the darker shade of my nose is still visible. 

June 13.

My phone automatically "blurs" the face everytime you'll take a selfie kaya ganyan itsura ko but as you can see, pantay na 'yung color. There was no peeling but the oil definitely helped the process of restoring the natural color of my nose. Yay! Sakto for the passport picture last June 14 pero di pa rin naman ako mukhang matino sa picture. Sana selfie na lang pinapasa kasi para mukhang tao. hahaha

Again, me before Polillo and Pangasinan.
Ako na pak na pak sa red lipstick. 

Me after all the summer gala.

Almost a month after Polillo and still pabebe. HAHAHA

You can buy this oil at V&M Stalls. I saw one in SM North EDSA Annex but of course, the more convenient way is buying at BeautyMNL. 

Since this oil was effective for me, I impulsively bought one again during BeautyMNL's flash sale the other day. Wala lang. Hoarding tendencies lalo na kasi 50% off 'to nung isang araw. Parang P 185.00 yata compared sa P 350.00 yata na regular price. I forgot and I'm too tamad to search. My bad. :))

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