Leyte 2017: San Juanico Bridge

San Juanico Bridge is the Philippines' Golden Gate Bridge.

Did we have enough time that afternoon, I would have preferred walking along the bridge from Leyte to Samar. Yep, that's 2.16 km - the length of the Philippines' longest bridge. 

It's prohibited to park in the bridge. Refer to the sign on my right, it says no parking. 

I don't know if they're doing something like a San Juanico Strait Cruise these days but that will be awesome. Flash back to when we did the Boat Sunset Tour in Pier 49, San Francisco, California link: here.

Your option though is to go down your vehicle and ask the driver to continue to Samar. Either he/she's gonna wait for you there or he/she's gonna turn around to pick you up. The latter was our instruction since we were catching a flight back to Manila that night. Hinabol lang namin 'to. 

Wander Sarong <3

You can actually feel the vibration from the passing vehicles especially from the larger ones.

It was drizzling in Leyte but that didn't stop us from taking pictures in this very beautiful bridge.

It reminded me so much of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco link: here.

Think of the islets it has as Alcatraz Island. As in. With the fog and the red color, Golden Gate na Golden Gate, bes. Mas maliit pero pwede na. 

It connects Samar and Leyte so the bridge's shape is S and L which are the first letters of the provinces it connects. Nice, diba.. :))

And may kalye picture, of course. :))

Hopefully, when I am able to return to this part of the Philippines, I'll be able to cross the bridge, reach and explore Samar as well. 

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