Downtown and Halsted, Bonifacio Global City

Ground Floor, Burgos Parkway, Bonifacio Global City

This place got its name from the streets in Chicago which is famous for its food and art scene. 

Mushroom Soup 

Their mushroom soup doesn't taste like the usual mushroom soup that I've had in other restaurants. This one's different in a very good way. It wasn't overly creamy yet smooth and thick. It's a bit salty though... but lucky for them that's what I like. hehehe. 

They're actually known for their drinks but they have now introduced their lunch and dinner menu. Good food and good drinks? Why not?

Aside from this bull (which you'll see when you head to the restroom) and the many artworks and graffitis, there are several paintings hung there which are on sale making the place a bar, restaurant and a gallery that sells painting. 

Downtown and Halsted seen from Rizal Drive

Pork Skewer (P 150.00). Chicken Skewer (P 150.00), Lengua Skewer (P 250.00)

I liked the Lengua best among these three skewers and that is a surprise. The cubes were very tender and flavorful and is perfect paired with the dip that comes with it. 

Portobello and Quinoa Salad
P 250.00

It's been a while, Quinoa! It's not all the time that I get to eat quinoa. Eating this totally transported me back to Nevada because it was in the states that I first had these grains. Dwntown's take on this salad is quite interesting 'cause aside from the delicious taste, putting the grains on top of a portobello mushroom made it easier to eat. :))

Spiced Black Mussels with Fresh Chili and Curry Leaves
P 250.00

Bartender making drinks.

I-hi niyo ko kay kuya, please. Crush siya ng Facebook friends ko. Kakaloka. :))

I uploaded some of these pictures in my Facebook account and the next thing I saw, most of my friends were liking this picture and asking me to take them to Dwntown and Halsted... hhhmmm, iinom ba talaga o para kay Kuya? 'Yung totoo, friends???? 

Tikka Wrap
P 240.00

This chicken wrap served with potato chips and yogurt dip was good too. I kept on eating the potato chips in between other dishes because it tasted fresh and was very crispy. The wrap, on the otherhand, was good too - it has chicken, lettuce, and cucumber. 

Crispy Pork Knuckles
P 580.00

Just in case you need a closer look. 

I loved how their version of crispy pata is chopped this way. Definitely crispy that the texture is almost identical to that of chicharon only denser and more flavorful. It's not oily and there's not too many fat that is in the skin making this sinful food a little less sinful. 

Chorizo Pasta
P 385.00

Huhuhuhu my favorite. <3

I fell inlove at first bite. haha! I love chorizo and putting it in a pasta which has that much cheese and creamy, I don't know, I liked it a lot that I can brave EDSA traffic for it. 

Baby Back Ribs
P 580.00

Seafood Pasta
P 350.00

This one's also cream based like the chorizo pasta above. The fettucine noodles is green adding an interesting color to this pasta dish plus the seafood and the slight hint of pesto make this a favorite of mine as well. Oh wells, I'm a pasta lover and both their pasta dishes made the cut. 

Chocnut Cheesecake

'cause what works, works.

A perfect way to end the night is by having a slice of this cheesecake. Trust me. :)

All the food above was conceptualized by Chef  Marco Legasto, also the man behind the food of Prime 101 and Abuelas.

Thanks for having us Dwntown and Halsted and Aldous for the invite! :)

Like them on Facebook link: here. 

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