Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Exotic

I recently (not really pala, last December pa haha!) got myself three liquid lipsticks from NYX Cosmetics. I didn't like the Lingerie tube at first because I felt that it was too drying for my lips.

 I also got soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen and Cannes for the other two tubes. I don't know though if I should still swatch those two since they're like the pioneer matte liquid lipsticks here in the Philippines. haha! Sa Copenhagen nagsimula ang ka-adikang ito.


Above is the natural color of my lips; sobrang putla. It's even paler on some days.

The first time I tried putting lingerie on my lips, I put it on my bare lips and it turned out to be very drying. I hate it when my lips look so wrinkly because of matte lipsticks so I removed it immediately.

 One day, I decided to try using it again. I dabbed lip balm on my lips let it sit for like 30 minutes before applying lingerie.

As you can see, even with lip balm it still looks matte and somewhat dry but I love the color! It's worse having to apply this on bare lips so this one's fine. Kailangan lang konting product lang ilalagay sa lips para hindi makapal and dry masyado tignan.

It's smudge-proof and transfer-proof. Also, it stays on the lips for quite a long time.

Natural looking color that doesn't feel heavy and sticky on the lips. Perfect for our humid summer! I'm thinking of buying those velvet ones also but not so soon since I've still got a lot of lipsticks to finish. >.<

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