Ca Phe Saigon, The Corner Market, Podium Mall, Ortigas

I used to snob Vietnamese cuisine until my trip to Ho Chi Minh last year. I immediately fell inlove with their food that it took a while for me to suppress the cravings since I continuously looked for Vietnamese food when I flew back to the Philippines. Better late than never, di ba? I'm just so glad that I was introduced to Ca Phe Saigon.

But yeah, you don't have to go to Vietnam so you can appreciate their cuisine - as long as you're someone who prefers eating sumptuous healthy food then this one's for you. 

Ca Phe Saigon's first branch is in San Roque, Marikina and they have branched out to Ortigas. They are one of the stalls in The Corner Market in Podium Mall. 

Above is their menu. I hope it's readable though.

While ordering, it's impossible to miss these potted plants and sink. 

As stated in the sign, customers are free to hand-pick fresh basil from the potted plants in this area. 

I'm sensing that the above combination will be my default order in Ca Phe Saigon

Bún thịt nướng and Brewed Iced Tea (Apple Flavor)

What is it?

It's a cold rice Vermicelli noodle dish that is usually topped with grilled pork, rolls, fresh herbs, and dressed with fish sauce (mild).

Their version is as good as authentic; it's very much like the one I had in Vietnam for three consecutive days. Yup, three days! That's how much I enjoyed this dish and I'm happy that I have found a restaurant that's really convenient to go to. 

Pomelo Salad

You can taste the balance of the sweetness that you get from the pomelo pulp and the mild saltiness of the fish sauce. This is quite hard to eat as it can get quite messy (if you're someone like but the owner taught us that it's supposed to be eaten with the shrimp crackers - as in you put the salad on top of the crackers. Not only did it became easier to eat, the two complimented each other so well that this salad became more delicious eaten with crackers.

Fresh Spring Rolls with its home-made peanut sauce

Generous serving. Just look at the size of the shrimp that they use in their rolls. This is perfectly paired with their peanut sauce that you can't get anywhere since, again, it's home-made. Best way to eat this? Use your hands to hold the spring roll and dip it in the sauce.

Banh Mi

Choice of Roasted Pork, Chicken, Beef

Having this back, I felt kind of nostalgic since Banh Mi was my "savior" back then. This French-inspired sandwich (notice that it uses baguette) is one of the healthiest and filling sandwiches you can get. The perfect two should be Banh Mi and Pho. hehe

Mawawala ba naman ang option for rice lovers?

Lemon Grass Chicken Skewers

Perfectly grilled. The taste of the lemon grass was just right and the chicken cubes were tender. 


I'm glad that I got to know them 'cause my search for a nearby authentic Vietnamese restaurant that serves reasonably-priced food is over... buti na lang malapit lang sa'kin 'yung Marikina branch nila. 

Refreshing Brewed Iced Tea for drinks

Above are pefectly paired with all the meals in Ca Phe Saigon. Apple being my favorite flavor. <3

The best way to end a filling meal is with this pandan and beans layered cake/dessert. 

As usual for Vietnamese cuisine, I ate a lot and yet didn't left the restaurant feeling bloated. I'm looking forward to revisit them since I read in their Facebook page that they're now serving Chicken Pandan and Tamarind Wings - two meals that I'm sure my mom will appreciate. 

For more details: 

Ca Phe Saigon Facebook Page link: here.

The Corner Market Food Hall, 2nd floor Podium Mall, Ortigas 
14 Red Cedar St., New Marikina Subdivision, San Roque, Marikina City

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