Visa-Free Taiwan for Filipinos: Three (3) Days DIY Itinerary in Taipei and Taichung (tips and guide)

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December 1 - December 5

It was only three days of touring; the other two were the days of flight MNL - TPE and TPE - MNL

December 1 - 11:40 PM - Departure
December 2 - 2:05 AM Arrival

December 5 - 4:00 AM - Departure
December 5 - 6:25 AM - Arrival


For this itinerary, there will be no tiring activities nor fast-paced travel. We took our time in each attraction which is the reason why we were only able to visit a few sites. Turns out, overtime, that kind of travel is our style. Not too many attractions cramped in one day. 

*We didn't have a hotel room upon arrival so we just placed our luggages in one of the lockers in Taipei Main Station. 

*Purchase an MRT card before starting to travel because that'll save you time especially on train rides.


Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Complex: link 

[Klook Link] National Palace Museum E-Ticket

Taipei Zoo: link.

Maokong Village: link

Day 2

[Klook Links]

Delicious Xiao Long Bao for only 70 NTD!!

The vendor on the right side of the picture above sells Xiao Long Bao on this street every morning. Had it two consecutive days for breakfast. hehe! 

Taipei Main Station to Ruifang: link

Ruifang Station is your gateway to Shifen, Jiufen, Houtong and other places in the area.

Shifen Old Street: link

Food stalls, souvenir shops, railway track and floating lantern

Shifen Waterfalls: link

Jiufen Old Street Overlooking Area
Strawberry Mochi

link: here.

Day 3

High Speed Rail from Taipei Main Station to Taichung Station
Eat-all-you-can BBQ Lunch
Zhong She Flower Market

Rainbow Village


Why Taiwan?

1.They currently lifted the visa requirement for Filipinos until 2019!!
2. My first time riding a high speed rail (bullet train). On our ride back to Taipei City, we made sure that we have food to eat while riding the train. Just because <3
3. Travelling is very convenient and it's a tourist-friendly country without the shortage of signs written in their language and in English.
4. I was determined not to get scammed this time (attn: Cambodia tourists haha) but that was needless worrying on my part 'cause we didn't feel taken advantage of while in Taiwan. We were even the one who got shy because of the helpfulness and hospitality of the Taiwanese people. 
5. My first time seeing koala and panda
6. Affordable cable car ride that has crystal glass bottom. I've ridden several cable cars already and Maokong Gondola is my favorite so far.
7. A lot of things to do and places to visit no matter what kind of traveler you are.
8. No need to be over protective of your stuff while travelling. Of course, you need to use common sense pero hindi divisoria/recto levels ng paghawak sa gamit. hehe!
9. Taoyuan Airport is not in the city but easily accessible via MRT, buses, and taxis.
10. FOOD TRIP! MILK TEA! You won't get hungry because there are a lot of restaurants, food stalls, and convenience stores.


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